The time has to just say no to the Super Bowl.

One of the main reasons for watching the Super Bowl every year on American television is the advertisements, which in the past have featured some amazing pieces of art, entertainment, and pop culture for all those tuning into the broadcast. Forget the game: Most viewers could care less about the game. It’s the spectacle they come for every year.

That has changed now with the advent of these TV ads being pre-released on YouTube in one form or another. Why sit around for four hours waiting for a TV ad to air when you can watch it in advance on the Internet?

The game itself could be considered a sham this year: The National Football League’s flagship franchise has been caught cheating multiple times in the last handful of years, and the league doesn’t seem to mind capitalizing on the TV ratings from that team’s big audience/market. Toss in the problems of officiating that may have cost a smaller-market team not to make it in favor of a larger-market team, and suddenly the NFL has become the National Basketball Association.

This did not happen overnight. NFL television viewership has been dwindling for years, in part because of the cheating issue and also because the sport itself perhaps has become too violent and risky. Even youth participation in the sport is down in the country’s most-populous state.

This year, we’re not watching (#NotMySuperBowl), and we suggest you skip it, too.