Take us back to the origins of this publication almost five years ago: We asked a simple question. The National Football League had a serious problem when a Super Bowl was decided by a coin toss. Then, a few years later, we asked the question again: How can a playoff game be decided by the flip of a fucking coin? Interesting how both those circumstances benefited the biggest cheater in NFL history, too.

Now, one of the teams that was victimized by those unreal situations has seen the tables turned, where it was the beneficiary of such nonsense: winning a playoff game in overtime, primary due to calling the coin toss correctly. How can the NFL continue to leave the outcome of postseason games up to chance? Reality is this: Teams that win the OT coin toss have won 10 of the 11 OT games under current rules.

How is that fair or right? It’s not. The fact this is still an issue, years after it embarrassed the league in Super Bowl LI, shows you how out of touch the NFL is with reality. After all, it barely slapped Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the wrist after he lied about his Covid vaccination status—while suspending Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown for a similar transgression.

This is a league which blackballed Colin Kaepernick for passively protesting racial injustice, yet “rewarded” Rodgers for lying. The Green Bay icon may be the best QB in NFL history, but that is no excuse for the double standard. Yes, we’re drifting off topic here, but the point is professional football in America has become sort of a joke.

This is why we haven’t even bothered watching the Super Bowl in two of the last three seasons. The league has major credibility issues which it continues to do nothing about, because too many “fans” still throw their money blindly at the sport—for who knows what reasons. Remember that: The more people buy into the bullshit, the more the bullshit will just get worse.

We get what we deserve … always.