Do not let the NFL fool you into thinking it has not blacklisted quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his social activism. The Detroit Lions head into their traditional Thanksgiving Day matchup with a QB named David Blough as their starter.

Who? Exactly.

Kaepernick has the 23rd-best QB rating of all time, yet no NFL team will sign him to a contract. The Lions are not the only team to ignore the former 49ers starter, but this example is a very extreme and clear sign that the league wants nothing to do with a guy who stands up for social justice—much to the chagrin of the owners and the “fans” across the country.

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of Blough, wondering why the Lions—a team that doesn’t have true playoff chances in 2019—would start him on national television today. Blough has never played a down in the NFL before, but the Detroit organization is okay with that, because Kaepernick would probably alienate the fans in Michigan.

Welcome to the modern (sports) world, where making money is more important than doing the right thing. This is just another reason to skip the Super Bowl again this coming February.