And people wonder why we suggested not even watching the Super Bowl last season.

The reason is why is clear: The alleged “best franchise” in the sport over the last 20 years seems to be successful because it cheats. And the National Football League doesn’t seem to care, as long as money is poured into its coffers.

(Never mind the probable racist motive against the social activism of its players, either, right?)

The New England Patriots got caught cheating again this week, in another surreal moment that makes you ask why anyone takes its accomplishments seriously.

In the end, few (if any) NFL officials will care, because they’re all profiting from it. The fans that care will just walk away. Millions of fans that think it’s okay to cheat in sports won’t care and will continue to give the NFL their money.

This is what we’ve arrived at in the second decade of the twenty-first century: It’s suddenly “American” to cheat and get away with it. We see it in most sports where there is a tremendous of money at stake: baseball, basketball (college and pro), football (college and pro), and international men’s soccer—just to name a few.

Corruption is everywhere. Sports have never been immune to it, of course, but now it just seems to be the norm.

And that’s quite sad.