Back in the 2019 season, we commented on the absurdity of the Detroit Lions starting a no-name. white quarterback on Thanksgiving Day, when much better options were out there. Well, surprise … the same no-name, white quarterback made another NFL appearance today, starting for the Arizona Cardinals—despite his 0-5 record with Detroit in 2019 and his relative inaction since then.

Surely, there have to be better QBs out there for the Cardinals to start when their top two passers are out with injury. You know of whom we speak: Colin Kaepernick. Sadly, he hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016 when he started 11 games for a terrible San Francisco 49ers team and still posted a 90.7 QB rating. Kaepernick was soon blacklisted by the NFL for his peaceful protests of racial injustice in the United States throughout that season.

Due to inactivity for the last handful of years, Kaepernick has dropped now to the No. 32 spot on the all-time, NFL QB rating list. He’s also probably a little rusty, too, of course, having not played in the league for a long time. Yet all reports say he’s fit and ready to go, still. But no team seems to want to put a good QB on their roster—because of the backlash, drama, and media noise that would come with such a roster move.

A quick look at other QBs who got significant playing time in January 1 games shows us the following illustrious nobodies:

If you’re a casual NFL fan, do you even know any of these players? Blough is a joke and has been a known joke for three years now. Why is he even being given a chance in Arizona? Mills was a zero in college, and now he’s a zero in the NFL. Why is Houston continuing to put him in games? Ehlinger has had almost two full seasons now to make an impact on a team in flux, and he has not. White and Stidham have been around for long time now, without producing any results.

There a few rookies we didn’t mention, simply because we know they should be given time to prove themselves. But when Kaepernick—and his 32-32 record as a starter, not to mention the high QB efficiency rate and the 2,300 yards of rushing, too—is just sitting out there, it’s clear no team wants to bring him on board for fear of alienating a racist fan base. Forgetting the facts, too, are NFL owners, who don’t seem to realize how many NFL fans changed their minds a few years after the league shunned Kaep.

In all fairness, the erstwhile QB is 35 years old now, but this is also a league where Cheatin’ Tom Brady is allowed to play well into his mid-40s. We’re pretty sure Kaepernick could manage if a team came calling, but every weekend we see a bunch no-name, no-achievement, white QBs out there instead, we’re going to reminded of the racism the NFL enabled with its own dirty hands.