Before the MLB playoff began, we made it clear that only a team that spends lots of money was going to have a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. Well, now that we have reached the “Final Four” of October, look which teams are still standing.

No team that spent less than $165 million on its payroll this season is left to compete:

  • New York Yankees: $218 million
  • St. Louis Cardinals: $172 million
  • Houston Astros: $168 million
  • Washington Nationals: $168 million

These four teams were among the top-five spenders to reach the postseason, which once again means an organization in top spending echelon of MLB is going to win the Series. History doesn’t lie, people, and it is still the best way to predict the future.

Our pick to win it all, the Los Angeles Dodgers and their $200M payroll, lost in the League Division Series to the Nationals, which really wasn’t that much of an upset, since our final power rankings noted just how good the Nats were this year.

So, now which team do we like best to emerge as the World Series champs? Well … this may be a cop out, because we’ve lost interest in a sport that clearly has no intent of equalizing the playing field with a salary cap any time soon. Between the scam that is college football and MLB, not to mention the cheats in the NFL, it’s hard to find a sport in the 21st century that is worth our time, in truth.

(Yes, we know the NHL is still the best thing out there, along with college baseball. Our future editorial calendar will reflect this. But first, we have to finish what we have started!)

We’re just going to predict a Houston-Washington World Series, and we’d like to see the team that has never won it win it all in six games. It’s good enough for us, so we hope it’s good enough for you.