We are skeptical, of course, because society has made us that way. The long list of athletes who have done seemingly amazing things before being exposed as frauds should have prepared us for this: Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones … this really dates back to Ben Johnson, at least, for those old enough to remember. The list of amazing athletes brought down by cheating scandals is endless.

When an athlete or a team does something incredible, s/he is probably cheating. History has shown this to be true repeatedly. And when a certain athlete or team has an established history of breaking rules, and yet incredible accomplishments continue to pile up, why should we take it seriously?

One thing sports have shown us is that if there is money to be made, ethics and morals go out the window. That is why whatever the New England Patriots accomplish under the guidance of confirmed cheat Bill Belichick and confirmed cheat Tom Brady, there always be the asterisk next to it—just like Bonds and his home runs.

(Is it any surprise that both Bonds and Brady went to the same high school? Talk about a non-coincidence for the ages … and it’s a “Catholic” school, too. So much for those Ten Commandments! )

FootballOutsiders.com had the Patriots defense ranked dead last in the NFL for efficiency in road games before the AFC Championship Game in Kansas City, yet somehow, the New England defense was able to stop two of the top three offenses in the league—away from its home stadium and crowd—on its way to “winning” another Super Bowl.

So, incredible accomplishment that defies the odds … yeah, logic dictates the obvious conclusion here, yet the mainstream sports media continues to slobber all over the most corrupt NFL franchise in league history as if it has achieved all its success honestly—when we know that is not the case.

We have analyzed Boston’s pathetic second-city status in this space before, and while we really do not have any thing bad to say about the 2018 Red Sox, it is still the same organization that basically used cheating players to win the World Series in 2004, 2007, and 2013. Why should the team’s modus operandi change if there is no penalty for cheating?

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the New England Patriots. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if you’re not going to get truly punished for cheating, why stop? As long as the money keeps pouring in, human beings will be corrupted by it—even the fans in New England who continue to act as if their heroes are real and their titles are legit.