We have commented on this for years: The SEC schedules are a joke, but time and time again, “experts” and media pundits fall for it, and no one ever calls it out for what it is—a lie. We have Exhibit 135,211 in this ongoing fraud on display right now in the form of the 2021 Mississippi Rebels.

  • Ole Miss played four out-of-conference games this year, against Louisville (6-6), Austin Peay (not an FBS team), Tulane (2-10), and Liberty (7-5). For decades now, the SEC has scheduled like this to ensure as many of its teams become bowl-eligible as possible, thus artificially inflating SOS ratings for in-conference victories.
  • The Rebels have not beaten an SEC team this year that has an in-conference winning record. In fact, six SEC wins for Ole Miss have come against teams with a combined 18-30 record against league opponents. Think about that for a second. Overall, the Rebels’ 10 wins this year have come against nobody.
  • Ole Miss lost to Alabama and Auburn, who just battled through an embarrassing 3OT scrum on Saturday night, with neither team coming away looking impressive. Of course, Alabama’s SOS itself is built upon the same house of cards (ranking 39th in the country right now).

Despite this, the Associated Press has Ole Miss ranked No. 8—and we have no idea why. The Rebels have not beaten a single good team all year, and they lost to a bad team (Auburn). But this will get the team to a New Year’s Day bowl game, somehow, nearby so its fans can travel and spend what little money they have (since we know the state of Mississippi is a shithole) on the team.

How is this even possible? Deceptive scheduling, and the lack of integrity of complicit media outlets like ESPN and Fox Sports to call it out for what it is. Welcome to college football in the modern era. Just remember, this is why the NCAA does not sanction an official champion for the Football Bowl Subdivision of the sport. This is why it’s called a mythical national championship, instead of a real one.