Seriously, we wonder how anyone puts up with the College Football Playoff and its corruption. No one needs to look and further than yesterday’s first rankings release for the 2021 season to see the CFP committee is in bed with the SEC. We will break this down so there’s doubt here in anyone’s mind who reads this.

  1. Georgia: We have no issue with the Bulldogs being No. 1, but we also ask, “Who have they played?!” Pretty much the same cast of SEC characters that usually prop up the false narrative, teams with multiple out-of-conference wins against cupcakes which makes them look good when they’re really not. The best wins here for Georgia are against 6-2 Auburn and 6-2 Kentucky. The Tigers lost to Penn State and have three wins against non-Power 5 teams, while the Wildcats have two wins against non-Power 5 opponents and actually lost a game to Mike Leach. Enough said.
  2. Alabama: We ask the same question of the Crimson Tide, who lost already to a team (Texas A&M) that lost to Leach … which Alabama beat by 40 points. The Tide’s best win—in addition to its two cupcake walkovers, of course—was over 6-2 Mississippi, which has two cupcake wins itself. See what we mean? The SEC schedule circle jerk never ends, does it?
  3. Michigan State: The Spartans have one of the best wins in the sport so far, the victory over Michigan last weekend. But otherwise, MSU has not beaten a winning team this year. Sparty also has two wins over cupcakes in 2021, but the team is undefeated (like Georgia) and has a signature win (which Georgia does not, yet). No way Alabama should be above MSU.
  4. Oregon: The Ducks got their signature win over Ohio State, but then they turned around and lost to Stanford, which has a losing record right now. That alone is enough to drop Oregon way down this list. The Ducks did beat Fresno State, however, whatever that means, but Oregon also has one other victory over a cupcake. This ranking doesn’t make any sense, either.
  5. Ohio State: The Buckeyes lost to the Ducks, but otherwise, they have been relatively dominant against … no one? Ohio State did beat 6-2 Minnesota and Penn State, which might be its best wins, and there are two cupcake walkovers in the record here. The Nittany Lions are 5-3, and it’s ridiculous the committee put teams like Mississippi State—which lost to Alabama by 40 points—in the Top 20 instead of Penn State.
  6. Cincinnati: The Bearcats schedule has been a joke, even with the win over Notre Dame. The only other Power 5 win for Cincy was over a two-win Indiana team. The clamor to let a non-Power 5 team into the CFP is legitimate, but the schedule strength has to be there, and that’s going to be very hard to achieve, since the Power 5 teams won’t risk scheduling a team like Cincinnati. See the circular problem here that secures the CFP’s grip on the moneymakers in the sport?
  7. Michigan: Michigan probably deserves to be the highest-ranked one-loss team, even above Oregon, so we have no idea why the Wolverines are below the Ducks and the Buckeyes. Michigan has two cupcake wins, but it did beat Wisconsin, too. The Wolverines were undefeated until losing to Michigan State by 4 points on the road—by far the best loss of the one-loss teams. We can hear the apologists now … “But Alabama!” Don’t make us laugh.
  8. Oklahoma: We know the Sooners are an annual CFP choke artist, but part of that is the league it plays in (which won’t be a problem in a few years?). But honestly, this year is the worst, as Oklahoma’s schedule rating is barely better than Cincinnati’s SOS, in truth. Who have the Sooners beaten? Two cupcakes, with the “best win” coming against … wait for it … Kansas State (5-3) and Texas Tech (5-4). This is starting to be a pattern, right?
  9. Wake Forest: The only undefeated team left in the ACC, the Demon Deacons are one of the big surprise teams of the year. But Wake has two cupcake wins and another victory over Army. The best win is over 6-3 Virginia, which just lost a basketball/track event against BYU, 66-49. Heck, the Demon Deacans gave up 56 points to 4-3 Army, so we know there’s something missing here, overall.
  10. Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish lost to the Bearcats, of course, and they have only one cupcake win on the schedule. But they’ve beaten a hunch of Power 5 teams having bad seasons (USC, for one). The best victories are over 5-3 Wisconsin and 5-3 Purdue. That’s not saying a lot when you lost to Cincinnati.
  11. Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have three cupcakes wins, and they lost to 5-3 Iowa State. They do have a win over 7-1 Baylor, though, which is ranked right below. How bad is the Big XII? Pretty bad.
  12. Baylor: With two victories over cupcakes, the Bears’ best win must be against … BYU? Yep. You can see how deep the CFP is scratching the bottom of the barrel here to get money from the Big XII and SEC fan bases. It’s just going to get worse.
  13. Auburn: Here we go again. Three cupcake wins make up half of the Tigers’ win total right now. Remember, this team lost to Penn State, which the CFP committee did not even rank, for some reason. Auburn also lost to Georgia, so that’s fine, but with their best victory coming against … wait for it … Mississippi, you can see how the circle jerk forms itself.
  14. Texas A&M: The Aggies are a joke. Yes, they beat ‘Bama somehow, and that’s fine, but that’s all the team has to hang its hat on. Two cupcakes wins and losses to Arkansas and Mississippi State are embarrassing.
  15. BYU: As an independent, the Cougars do fine with scheduling, managing to only play three cupcakes so far. But losing to Baylor was a sign of this team’s relative strength, and a loss to Boise State—a .500 team this year—was ugly. Is the country really this bad at football? Maybe there really are only a handful of great teams every year.
  16. Mississippi: A 6-2 record with two cupcake victories scares no one. A win over 5-3 Arkansas is literally the Rebels’ best win. Why are they even on this list?
  17. Mississippi State: This has to be the biggest joke on the list, simply because the committee thinks that only 15 other teams in the country can hang within 40 points of Alabama. The Bulldogs are 5-3, with one cupcake win by 1 point and one cupcake loss by 1 point. The team’s best win? Three victories against bloated 6-2 teams (TAMU, Kentucky, N.C. State). See what we mean by a circle jerk? Penn State is five times better than this outfit and didn’t crack the Top 25. Right.
  18. Kentucky: The Wildcats continue the SEC circle-jerkin’ laughfest with two cupcake wins and losses to Georgia (fair enough) and Mississippi State (laughable). Kentucky has not beaten a winning team this year yet.
  19. North Carolina State: Not all 6-2 records are good, as we have seen above. The Wolfpack have three cupcakes wins, making their signature victory a six-point win over 5-3 Clemson. Color us unimpressed. Oh, and N.C. State also lost to Mississippi State. It’s hard to ignore anyone thinking that a team which lost to Alabama by 40 points has any place in any conversation about the best teams in the country.
  20. Minnesota: Four straight wins have the Golden Gophers atop the B1G West Division, which is not strong. This is a team that lost to Bowling Green, mind you, but the CFP still thinks Minnesota is better than Penn State. We’re not sure why … when the best wins are over Maryland and Purdue (both 5-3 teams right now).
  21. Wisconsin: The Badgers are 5-3 with one cupcake win and one win over Army. They lost to Michigan and Notre Dame by a combined 49 points. This is almost as bad as Mississippi State losing to Alabama by 40 points. But Wisconsin has righted the ship as wins over Purdue and Iowa in the last two weeks by a combined 37 points demonstrate. We’re not sold yet.
  22. Iowa: Remember when the Hawkeyes were ranked No. 2 in the country? We didn’t get it then, and after two straight losses where the offense scored a total of 14 points, we have been proven correct. Two cupcake wins inflated their early record, and Iowa’s best victory looks like the one over Penn State right now, where the Nittany Lions lost their starting QB.
  23. Fresno State: This is ridiculous, in truth. These Bulldogs have one victory over a Power 5 team (UCLA, which is now 5-4), and they seem to be living large off a close loss to Oregon. Fresno State has one win over an FCS team, too. But hey, the Bulldogs beat … someone?
  24. San Diego State: Most overrated 7-1 team in the country, perhaps, with its loss to Fresno State. Is someone really going to argue that Penn State isn’t better than San Diego State? The Aztecs beat Arizona (currently on a 20-game losing streak) and Utah (5-3), and that’s why they’re popular. But two cupcakes wins in there also mean this team is not worthy at all. Hey, SDSU loves recycling old Michigan coaches, no matter what the sport, right? Maybe that helps here
  25. Pittsburgh: The Panthers could have been higher, but two cupcake wins and an upset loss to Miami-FL last weekend hurt their street cred—not to mention a loss to a MAC team! Beating Clemson put them on the map, but this year, that’s no great thing.

There you have it. This is a disgrace to America on every level, to think that the corrupt CFP just proffers this up, and next to no one questions it. That, our readers, is when fraud has won out. It’s happened in MLB (mostly), the NFL, and college football. When will sports fans say enough is enough?

Either way, what this brief analysis makes us realize is that there really are not that many great teams in this sport in any given season. We’ve seen that in our MNC Wednesdays series for more than 18 months now, too. We used to think a 16-team tournament playoff was the way to go, but now we realize that 8 teams is better.

We will be back later today with our selections for the 8-team playoff we think should happen in 2021.