Well, alleged genius Mike Leach shot himself in the foot again on Saturday in a 31-28 loss to Arkansas that drops the Mississippi State Bulldogs to 5-4 on the season—with little chance to finish with more than 6 victories in Year Two of his stay in Starkville. If you didn’t see the sports blunder of the week, Leach’s defense gave up the go-ahead touchdown late in the game, and then Leach sent in a different kicker for an attempt at a game-tying field goal as time expired—who missed a relatively straightforward kick.

We already noted last week the laughable notion that Mississippi State was one of the Top 20 teams in the country, and now Leach has proven us correct with his ongoing idiocy. With the season on the line, perhaps, he sent out a kicker who had not attempted a field goal in more than a month, even though the kid made two extra points earlier in the Arkansas game. The Bulldogs other kicker had missed a short kick earlier in the game, and Leach thought this was the time to make a change.

Left speechless? You should not be, since Leach always does stupid things like this. He is supposed to be smart, but Leach really is not intelligent. Don’t let that law degree from Pepperdine University fool you, either: It’s a $60,000/year pay-for-play private-school program, and clearly, it doesn’t involve a basic deductive-reasoning course as part of the required curriculum.

Mississippi State will reach a bowl game to keep the shallowest of fans happy, because it still has cupcake Tennessee State on the schedule for its sixth victory, but the Bulldogs face Auburn on the road next weekend, and the Tigers will be needing a win to keep their slim SEC West Division title hopes alive. There is no way that Leach will win that game; Auburn can only lose it, and we expect more from the Tigers than that.

Also, the final game of the season is against Ole Miss, although it is a home game for Leach & Co. The Rebels are gunning for a New Year’s Day bowl game still, and they need every win they can get. There is no way Ole Miss lets up against the Bulldogs, and again, we expect the Rebels to beat Mississippi State readily.

Either way, Leach once again cost his team a win it might have had, with his alleged intelligence on full display for everyone to see. It’s not our monkey and not our circus, but this is always amusing to see from our catbird seat on the Best Coast.