Well, the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ regular season has come to an end with an egg-on-the-face home loss in the Egg Bowl to the University of Mississippi. Thanks to some cupcake scheduling and random upsets against incompetent coaches in the SEC, the Bulldogs finished 7-5 this season—one game better than we expected the last time we checked in with this idiot nation.

First, let’s start with the fact that Mississippi is a shithole state: It ranks 49th for quality of life in this country, with only another SEC shithole below it (Louisiana, home of LSU—a team the BCS and the CFP saw fit to fix “championships” for this century … go figure). Why would anyone want to go to school in these places? We will never know (bribes?). But we digress: Mississippi is the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Mississippi State itself just purports the humor in a situation like this, with its stupid coach leading the way. He left the No. 1-ranked quality state and its land-grant institution for Starkville, a place literally no one sane would choose to live. That leads us to our second point: Mike Leach is never going to get the best recruits, so he runs a gimmicky offense which is easy to figure out if you have a brain.

Look at the stats: Leach’s allegedly mighty Air Raid offense has finished its regular season ranked just 49th in scoring this season at 30.9 points per game. This team beat Louisiana Tech by just one point to open the season, and then it lost to Memphis two games later by two points. When the cupcake scheduling rises up to you like that, you know you’re in trouble.

Somehow, allegedly mighty Texas A&M found a way to lose to the Bulldogs, and that’s all we need to know about the current No. 14 Aggies: They’re a joke, despite beating allegedly mighty Alabama. Of course, with two weeks to prepare for the Crimson Tide, all Leach could manage was a 49-9 loss there. That reminded us of his effort in the Apple Cup back in 2017, of course. Same guy … same result.

Overall, we know Leach is a joke, and with a 7-5 team, he will get invited to some crappy bowl game located close enough to Starkville to qualify as a home game against some lousy team, where he claim victory and a successful season: We know how he sells his bullshit, because he’s being doing it for years. It’s just sad the lamestream media keeps letting him get away with it.

After all, how much can stupid people really continue to buy his bullshit? That’s probably why he has ended up at Mississippi State after getting run out of Texas Tech and being relatively reviled at Washington State. We predicted he’d be done in Starkville by the end of the 2022 season … so where will he go next? The Liberty Flames are out, so maybe Trump U will start fielding a football team.