It’s time for fun on The Daily McPlay (also findable at, of course). We predicted a 6-6 record last season, and it ended up at 7-5, surprisingly. So now it’s time to do the same for 2022, knowing that 10 of the 12 opponents have seen this clown show before.

Here is the way we see it:

  • Memphis: W—The Tigers won this matchup at home last year, so it’s payback time.
  • @ Arizona: W—The Wildcats are so bad, this ends up being a lucky SOS booster for the Bulldogs.
  • @ LSU: L—Remember Leach’s first game at Mississippi State? He upset LSU. Never happens again.
  • Bowling Green: W—Typical Leach cupcake.
  • Texas A&M: L—We’re not sold on the Aggies, but they’re still good enough to beat the Bulldogs.
  • Arkansas: L—This game could go either way, in truth, so we won’t be surprised to see an upset.
  • @ Kentucky: L—Similar to the Razorbacks, but with the game on the road, it’s a loss.
  • @ Alabama: L—The score was 49-9 last year. Enough said.
  • Auburn: L—We think most SEC teams are perennially overrated, starting with this one. But still.
  • Georgia: L—The defending “champs” aren’t going to lose to Leach.
  • East Tennessee State: W—Why even bother scheduling an FCS team?
  • @ Mississippi: L—On the road, it’s another loss.

Well, that’s our prediction, with one caveat: We really do not expect Mississippi State to go 0-8 in conference play. There’s usually one team that falls asleep at the wheel and loses to Leach when it should not—if not two. And then there is often the egg that Leach himself lays against a team he should beat, like Memphis last year.

So, we will give the above prediction a 1-win boost and go with a 5-7 forecast for 2022—and no bowl game. That should be enough to see our earliest prediction come true: Leach won’t be coaching in Starkville come Fall 2023, despite the school’s foolish financial investment.