So, the college football landscape is changing, and let’s be honest, all conferences have their dog teams that would be left behind if the powers that be decide. And Mississippi State is one of those football programs that should be left out: The Bulldogs have won a single conference title in the sport, and that championship came back in … are you ready for it … 1941, a few weeks before Pearl Harbor was bombed.

That’s right: Mississippi State isn’t a football school. In fact, we’re not even sure which sport the Bulldogs might claim represents them best. In 2021, the team won its only NCAA championship ever … in baseball. Therefore, yes, if college football moves to a super-league model, Mississippi State will not be invited to the Show. Which makes the school’s recent coaching commitment even more puzzling.

Yes, our favorite village idiot somehow got the Mississippi State athletic department to give him an extension and a raise, despite his 11-13 record in his first two years at the school and some dire predictions for the upcoming season. This is just one reason why the Bulldogs are sort of an ugly stepchild in the SEC hierarchy, of course, with that single league title over 80 years ago.

Is Mississippi State worried some school is going to hire Mike Leach away from them? Doubtful. We know he sucks, and most opposing coaches know it, too. Remember, this is a guy who lost to Alabama by 40 points last season. We guess it doesn’t take much to impress Bulldog alums these days, and the idiot coach is Exhibit A. Hope springs eternal in the South, however, despite facts and logic.