Last summer, we suggested the Pacific-12 and B1G conferences should just merge, and we are now seeing the beginnings of that momentum brewing now as West Coast stalwarts and Los Angeles TV market darlings UCLA and USC are planning a move to the B1G as early as 2024. This leaves the Conference of Champions with few options other than to send its best to the B1G and collapse.

That’s where we’re headed now. This is what should happen next: The B1G should invite the best Pac-12 draws, too (California, Oregon, Stanford, and Washington). That would bring the B1G to 20 teams, spanning coast to coast. The Arizona schools, along with Colorado and Utah, can join the Big XII, while Oregon State and Washington State are destined for a smaller conference (the Mountain West, perhaps).

It’s the only thing that makes sense, since the Beavers and the Cougars are very small schools in a big pond right now. Generally, the same can be said for the Sun Devils and the Wildcats. Meanwhile, Colorado was once a Big XII member, and bringing the Utes back with the Buffaloes would be a major coup for that conference after it loses Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC in the next few years.

We said the NCAA signed its own death warrant awhile ago, and this is the natural progression of such things. When it’s all about the money, everything else goes out the window … including tradition. That makes us sad, since we’re staunch members of the 20th century, but this is the 21st century. And with the rest of the country in ruins, anyway, we might as well throw it all into the dumpster fire of capitalism.