The collapse of the NCAA is officially imminent now that the organization has voted to let athletes profit off their own likeness. Student athletes get a free education and the housing/food packages for free as well, but for some reason, the NCAA has decided that is not enough to reward their voluntary choice to attend college.

Considering the amount of debt college students—past and present—incur, it’s incredible to think student athletes are entitled to more than that just for playing a sport at a college voluntarily. If they wanted a professional career, these student athletes could have skipped college. Instead, their benefits will come at the expense of other student athletes—those not playing revenue-generating sports—and all students at the institution (not to mention faculty and staff).

Student athletes already receive stipends for extracurricular expenses—like cell phones and modern conveniences—since they can’t officially hold jobs while on scholarship in college. That should have been enough, but the NCAA, and to some extent the federal courts, have failed the average college student with these decisions.

Now college student athletes will get even more while contributing even less to higher education and the individual missions of the institutes they attend. This also will raise tuition for everyone else in the process, until the NCAA and college sports themselves collapse under the weight of their own stupidity.

Meanwhile, the professional sports leagues—specifically, the NFL, and to a lesser extent, the NBA—will sit back and do nothing for 18-year-old athletes. They have been allowed to pass the buck to the NCAA, while MLB and the NHL have done the right thing by high-school graduates to get them into the professional ranks right away.

We predict that within a handful of years, perhaps five or ten at the most, of the implementation of this practice, the NCAA will cease to exist while college basketball and football also will collapse under the financial strain of greed, corruption, and exploitation that is nothing new to amateur athletics.

And in the end, those student athletes still won’t have an education to fall back on when the pro leagues discard them, readily. It will still be the financial robber barons that have the money—not the student athletes, because we know that most pro athletes squander their assets readily. It will be worse for the college student athlete.

After all, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and the NCAA just committed a horrible error in judgment that will have long-term ramifications on every college student in the twenty-first century.

Note: This blog will no longer cover present-day NCAA sports after the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. We will not contribute to the decline of higher education at the hands of corruption, exploitation, and greed.