For the last 20 months, we’ve examined every mythical national championship in major college football history on MNC Wednesdays, and we learned a lot of things—namely, that some schools are very overrated, and that the fix has been in for at least 15 years now, sadly.

Here is what we found, in ranking the multiple winners of our MNC designation:

What this tells us is that modern sabermetrics can decipher SOS ratings more effectively than ever, and we saw a lot of teams lose their MNCs due to weak scheduling (and not just teams like the 1984 BYU Cougars). Those losses were gains for other schools, mostly from the B1G Conference throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The Bowl Championship Series and the College Football Playoff didn’t help, either.

Overall, of the 84 MNCs we analyzed, only 38 teams kept their trophies in our analyses, and a lot of those teams barely did so, due to circumstances that were somewhat complicated to decipher. Some of the teams were lucky to keep their titles; others were easy decisions, where little analysis was needed. That’s the way it goes, of course.

Make sure to check in come January as we start re-examining the Heisman Trophy winners from the past next. We wonder how many of the overhyped players will get to keep their hardware …