March is approaching, and with it comes the best postseason tournament in all of sports, worldwide. Yep, that’s right: Nothing beats the NCAA Championship for men’s basketball anywhere in the world. And here’s why.

It evolves with reality. Its committee wants to be transparent. Every conference champion qualifies. The list could go on and on, but we don’t have that many column inches. What we do have is praise for March Madness in the way it handles its (extremely successful) business.

The most “American” of any sports championship, the NCAA men’s tourney is still run by the NCAA, and that’s the key here. The College Football Playoff is not a sanctioned NCAA event; in fact, the NCAA football champion of record is always the (formerly known as) Division I-AA titlist, thanks to the greed of football power schools that developed decades ago.

It’s hard to take the CFP seriously, just as it was impossible to take the Bowl Championship Series seriously during its controversial run from 1998-2013. But few — if any? — have ever questioned the integrity of March Madness. Sure, experts may argue over the last few team selected every year, but no one ever questions the champion’s pedigree after it negotiates the multiple rounds of competition that precede the final game.

March Madness is the best “event” in sports, surpassing even the interest in the NFL’s Super Bowl every year. Why? If you have to ask that question now, you just haven’t been paying attention — to anything.