When Mississippi State University hired football coach Mike Leach away from Washington State University last winter, we pointed out that the Cougars should have been thrilled to be rid of the buffoon of all coaching buffoons.

While WSU has yet to play a game this season with its new coach, the Bulldogs have gotten their fill of Leach now, and we’re just wondering how his stale act is playing down in Starkville these days.

Well … It’s the same old story already. While Mississippi State did win its opener against defending “national champion” LSU—and don’t get us started on that fraudulent claim, which clearly had nothing to do with coaching—the Bulldogs have now lost three straight games badly, and the “vaunted” offense Leach runs has fizzled out fast.

After scoring 44 points against the Tigers’ ineptly coached defense, Mississippi State has now scored just 21 points in three losses to Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas A&M, respectively—and 14 of those points came in fourth-quarter, garbage time action.

While folks in Pullman laugh, the fan base in Starkville is probably in tears, especially after Leach blamed his players for the Kentucky loss—where the Bulldogs managed just to score just 2 points.

Remember, he did the same thing last season after his WSU team choked away a 32-point, third-quarter lead at home against a winless UCLA team and then lost on the road to eventual Pac-12 South champion Utah. Leach loves taking credit for wins and deflecting blame for losses (just like his hero).

And let’s not forget his social insensitivity before this season even started. Leach is a dumpster on fire, for sure.

Well, the bloom is off the rose already in Starkville, that’s for sure. However, all Mississippi State had to do was pay attention to the facts posted here, and it could have avoided this whole mess.

For now, though, we will sit back and enjoy the shitshow in Starkville—with glee. After all … WE TOLD YOU SO.