This is our last Mike Leach post of the college football season that never should have happened. But now that the cash grab for the South is all but over, let’s look at the facts about the most vile college football coach in the United States:

To quote a preeminent expert commentator for the sport and a former college player,

“Mike Leach should be embarrassed. His postgame interview, and what he said, ‘Hey, it’s football. Hey, it’s physical. It’s going to happen.’ Are you kidding me, Mike? You should be embarrassed about your program and what it did. And then after the game, the guy is being proud, high-fiving, walking off? This is a black eye for the sport. Maybe you don’t care about the sport, dude. It’s as bad as it could be watching that for people that are sitting around watching college football and that breaks out. It’s just another black eye for college football.”

Combined with prior missteps in Starkville already, it’s just another example of why Leach is the worst kind of coach in college sports. Sure, every college football coach should get a pass on this weird season, and combined with the fact it is his first year with the Mississippi State program, there are two reasons to give Leach the benefit of the doubt right now in terms of production and results.

However, his personality is an embarrassment to any institution paying him money, and if his team doesn’t win in 2021 under normal circumstances, we stick to our prediction that Leach won’t last three seasons with the Bulldogs. He is really that bad.