Let’s look at the facts: Mississippi State is now 1-4 this football season, and in the last four games, the Bulldogs offense has scored a total of 14 points that mattered. Yes, this is Mike Leach and his legendary offensive acumen showing its true colors in 2020.

We have covered this, obviously; we just want to point out how lucky Washington State was to rid itself of this buffoon. To wit: In the team’s latest meltdown, the Bulldogs generated just 200 yards of offense against Alabama in a 42-0 loss.

Here’s the deal, though: Leach’s offense is supposed to be an equalizer when the talent isn’t there. So when it can’t even do that, you know he’s in trouble. Look at his first seasons at Texas Tech and WSU, respectively:

Basically, over time, opposing coaching staffs have figured out Leach’s one-trick pony version of an offense: The Red Raiders went 7-6 in his first season on the Lubbock campus, while the Cougars posted just a 3-9 mark in Leach’s first year on the Palouse.

Now, in Starkville, it’s looking way worse than ever for Leach. Look at the rest of the 2020 MSU schedule, too:

The Bulldogs currently rate out as the 85th-best team in the sport (SRS rank). Basic projections here suggest that MSU should beat Vandy at home, before losing to the Tigers the following week. That would leave the Bulldogs with a 2-5 record before heading to Georgia for a dawg fight they will lose.

Leach’s first Egg Bowl is on the road, and that probably means another loss. Maybe MSU can recover for a win in its final game, at home, against the third “Tigers” on the 2020 schedule.

Best-case scenario sees Leach posting a 3-7 record, and a worst-case scenario isn’t much worse, in truth (2-8). Is that what Mississippi State is paying $5M per year for?

People can argue for patience all they want, but the sport has this guy figured out, and losing to Leach is hard to do at this point in his career.