After a month’s absence due to travel and other concerns, our MLB Power Rankings return just in time for the 2019 All-Star Game in Cleveland. A lot has happened in the five weeks since our last rendition, so there has been much movement below. The season is half over, and the race for October has begun in earnest.

Enjoy our ASG MVP version of the rankings today!

Note: Current records through Sunday, July 7, are included, as well as the previous ranking from the last rankings.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (60-32, 2): Right fielder Cody Bellinger has 30 home runs and a 1.124 OPS right now. He even leads the Dodgers with eight stolen bases. Is there anything he cannot do? The best team in baseball has one of the best players, too.
  2. New York Yankees (57-31, 5): If the Bronx Bombers go on to win the American League East, the AL pennant, and/or the World Series, the first-half effort of second baseman DJ LeMahieu (63 RBI, .900 OPS) has to be remembered by posterity.
  3. Houston Astros (57-33, 1): Third baseman Alex Bregman continues where he left off in 2018, with 23 HRs, 67 walks, and a .927 OPS. Is he single-handedly leading the Astros to the AL West Division title? No … but almost, at least on offense.
  4. Minnesota Twins (56-33, 3): At age 25, shortstop Jorge Polanco has become a switch-hitting machine. He already has tied his career high in HRs with 13, and his .312 average is better than his best mark from last season (.288). Can he keep it up?
  5. Atlanta Braves (54-37, 13): The Braves are a young, deep, and talented team, but center fielder Ronald Acuña, Jr. is the best of the bunch. He is on pace for a 25-25 season with a near-.900 OPS, and he is only 21 years old. That is scary.
  6. Tampa Bay Rays (52-39, 4): Starting pitcher Charlie Morton is 35 years old, yet he’s the best player on the Rays roster right now with a 10-2 record, a 2.32 ERA, and 142 strikeouts in just 112 2/3 innings. Is that even legal at his age in the state of Florida?
  7. Cleveland Indians (50-38, 20): At age 33, first baseman Carlos Santana is doing his employers right. The team has surged into the wild-card chase behind his .958 OPS, 19 HRs, and 52 RBI. Santana also leads the Cleveland roster with 64 walks this year.
  8. Oakland Athletics (50-41, 14): The hot corner in Oakland is secure for awhile, thanks to 3B Matt Chapman and his defense. It’s stunning. Anything he provides on offense (.887 OPS, 21 HRs, 52 RBI) is a bonus, and now he’s also an All-Star pick.
  9. Boston Red Sox (49-41, 10): RF Mookie Betts has lesser numbers than last year, but he is still the best in Boston. With 13 HRs, 40 RBI, and 10 SBs, he is doing just fine, although without his MVP numbers from last year, the Red Sox may miss October.
  10. Texas Rangers (48-42, 15): His 8-4 record and 2.54 ERA have paced the Rangers, and at age 31, SP Mike Minor is officially back. The 114 Ks in 117 IP are just a bonus, really, considering his injury history. Let’s hope he keeps it up through the season.
  11. Washington Nationals (47-42, 18): SP Max Scherzer has 181 Ks already. That is a full season for most guys, and he is a 34-year-old starter. The 9-5 record and the 2.30 ERA through 129 1/3 IP set Scherzer up nicely for another Cy Young run.
  12. Chicago Cubs (47-43, 6): Surprisingly, SS Javier Báez is the best player on the Cubbies right now, although the team has slipped a bit in the last month of play. His 22 HRs and 62 RBI lead the Chicago offense currently.
  13. Philadelphia Phillies (47-43, 12): Although he was not the splashiest of acquisitions for the team in the offseason, catcher J.T. Realmuto is proving his value to the Phillies with stellar defense and solid offense (10 HRs, 42 RBI).
  14. Milwaukee Brewers (47-44, 7): The pitching has let the Brew Crew down lately, but don’t tell RF Christian Yelich that the team is struggling. With 31 HRs, 67 RBI, and 19 SBs, he has a good shot at a 40-40 season, which has not been done in awhile.
  15. Arizona Diamondbacks (46-45, 9): SP Zack Greinke is having a nice season at age 35 for the D’backs. With 10 victories already, to go along with a 2.73 ERA, he is the only healthy start for Arizona right now with a winning record.
  16. San Diego Padres (45-45, 21): Rookie SS Fernando Tatís, Jr. has only played in 55 games for the team this year, but he’s leading the way as the Padres push for a winning record in 2019. He is only 20 years old, so his 1.013 OPS is quite shocking.
  17. St. Louis Cardinals (44-44, 8): Paul DeJong plays good defense at short for the Cards, so whatever he does with his bat—and right now, the 13 HRs and 36 RBI are enough—is going to be a bonus for his St. Louis teammates.
  18. Los Angeles Angels (45-46, 17): It is hard to remember CF Mike Trout is still only 27 years old. His 1.098 OPS is ho-hum news, however, for baseball fans, and thus we forget his historical significance as his team continues to flounder around him. Sad.
  19. Colorado Rockies (44-45, 16): What is the Trevor Story for Colorado? Only a super shortstop with 19 HRs, 50 RBI, and 12 SBs this season. That last number leads the Rockies, too, by the way.
  20. Pittsburgh Pirates (44-45, 22): First baseman Josh Bell had never hit more than 26 HRs in a season before this year. Now, he has 27 dingers and 84 RBI, currently. His 1.024 OPS landed him a spot in the All-Star Game on Tuesday. Well done!
  21. Chicago White Sox (42-44, 25): At age 24, it is safe to say that former top prospect Lucas Giolito has arrived as a legit MLB starter. With an 11-3 record on this team, along with 120 Ks in just 100 IP, he is pacing the Pale Hose back to respectability.
  22. Cincinnati Reds (41-46, 11): SP Luis Castillo may be the best player most fans have never heard of this season. He is 8-3 with a 2.29 ERA and 124 Ks in just 106 IP. Like his counterpart in the AL just above, the Reds are making a comeback thanks to him.
  23. San Francisco Giants (41-48, 26): He has just 177 official at-bats in 2019, but utility man Pablo Sandoval is actually the best player the Giants have this season. The .895 OPS is more than 100 points higher than anyone else on the roster.
  24. New York Mets (40-50, 19): Rookie 1B Pete Alonso has 30 HRs already, to go with 68 RBI and a 1.006 OPS. He broke the team’s rookie HR record, previously held by someone named Strawberry. Yes, we think that is impressive.
  25. Seattle Mariners (39-55, 23): You know it’s a bad season when SP Mike Leake is your best player on the roster. His 7-7 record and 4.32 ERA are not the best on the team; however, his control—just 17 walks in 114 2/3 IP—carries a lot of value.
  26. Toronto Blue Jays (34-57, 27): Despite his 5-9 record, SP Marcus Stroman is the best the Blue Jays have in 2019. His 3.18 ERA is by far the best in the rotation, and if he could only get some run support, his win totals would look a lot better.
  27. Miami Marlins (33-55, 28): SS Miguel Rojas might be a mystery to you, but he’s the best player in Miami this year. His bat is lightweight (one HR, .726 OPS), but his defense is something altogether more impressive.
  28. Kansas City Royals (30-61, 24): RF Whit Merrifield is also not a household name, but in this post-2015 world, the Royals are happy to have him and his 11 HRs, 44 RBI, 13 SBs, and .850 OPS.
  29. Detroit Tigers (28-57, 29): On a team like this one, a 6-6 record for SP Matthew Boyd is impressive. His 142 KS in just 107 IP are stellar, and while run support isn’t plentiful, Boyd is holding his own as the anchor of the Detroit rotation right now.
  30. Baltimore Orioles (27-62, 30): SP John Means is in a similar position. His team is terrible, but he is not. With a 2.50 ERA and a 7-4 record, he is giving his best to Baltimore right. We hope the fans appreciate him.

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