Things have tightened up a bit in the real MLB standings, and now here we are with just about 70 games to go in the season. Even the worst teams in the National League are only five games or so out of a playoff spot. That bodes well for excitement in the second half of the season.

Get ready for a fun run through the trade deadline and the pennant chase of August!

Note: Current records through Sunday, July 14, are included, as well as the previous ranking from last week.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (62-33, 1): You know it’s a good season when the “worst” month so far is the 17-11 record from April. Yes, it’s good to be a Dodgers fan right now as the team goes for its third-straight National League pennant.
  2. Houston Astros (59-35, 3): A 15-12 month of June dropped the Astros a bit in our rankings, but so far in July, the team seems better with a 6-3 record so far. But why is this team just 6-7 in interleague play?
  3. Tampa Bay Rays (55-40, 6): Speaking of June slumps, the Rays posted a 13-16 record last month. Yet, like Houston, a July recovery is in effect with a 7-4 record this month. But why just a 7-11 record in one-run games this season?
  4. New York Yankees (59-32, 2): The Yankees posted 53 wins from April to June, which is impressive considering all the injuries. Now, the Bombers are just 5-4 in July with a “healthier” roster. Go figure.
  5. Minnesota Twins (58-34, 4): The Twins had a 38-18 record on June 1, but they are just 20-16 since then. Minnesota still is 6.5 games up on Cleveland in the American League Central Division standings, though.
  6. Chicago Cubs (50-43, 12): One of the big problems for the Cubbies is that 18-27 road record. At home, Chicago wins a lot. That makes up for some of the road woes, but you’re not winning the World Series without some road wins.
  7. Oakland Athletics (53-41, 8): On May 1, the A’s were just 14-18, but since then, the team is 39-23. That is more of what we expect from Manager Bob Melvin. But why is Oakland just 2-7 in extra innings?
  8. Arizona Diamondbacks (47-47, 15): Alternating losing and winning months is not the way to have a successful season. The bad news for Arizona is that July is due to be another losing month.
  9. Atlanta Braves (57-37, 5): The Braves posted 20 victories in June, and they already have seven wins in July. It’s shaping up to be a good summer for baseball in Georgia.
  10. Boston Red Sox (50-43, 9): The Red Sox dropped a home series to the Dodgers coming out of the All-Star break, and now Boston is not holding down a wild-card slot currently. Expect panic to set in all across New England!
  11. Cincinnati Reds (42-48, 22): With a plus-33 run differential right now, the Reds should be closer to 50 wins. When will this team actually start playing up to its potential? Maybe Manager David Bell is not the answer.
  12. Washington Nationals (49-43, 11): The Nats are 25-10 since the start of June, and if the team can keep that pace up through the end of the season, watch out National League!
  13. Los Angeles Angels (48-46, 18): The 6-3 record in July doesn’t tell the whole story of how this team continues to recover from the untimely death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs. We won’t be surprised to see the Angels make a postseason run now.
  14. St. Louis Cardinals (46-45, 17): That nine-win month of May is coming back to hurt the Cards now that the Cubs and the Brewers have come back to the pack somewhat in the NL Central Division.
  15. Texas Rangers (50-44, 10): This team has had a crazy season, playing in 29 one-run games and 32 blowout games. That means only 33 games the Rangers have played are being decided by between 2-4 runs. Think about that for a moment.
  16. Cleveland Indians (51-40, 7): With a 23-11 record since the start of June, the Tribe is playing better ball. However, it may be hard to catch the Twins for the AL Central Division lead. It’s wild-card time for Cleveland, if anything at all.
  17. Colorado Rockies (46-46, 19): The current month has not been good to the Rockies (yet?), with a 2-6 record lowlighted by a minus-21 run differential. That is not the way to make it to the playoffs for a third-straight season.
  18. Milwaukee Brewers (48-46, 14): The 15-12 record in May stands as Milwaukee’s “best” month this year. That is not a good sign for a team looking to get back to the NL Championships Series and beyond.
  19. Philadelphia Phillies (48-45, 13): The 15-21 record since June 1 means the Phillies are floundering in a season full of very high expectations. The team is 8.5 games out of first place in a division it was expected to win in 2019.
  20. Pittsburgh Pirates (44-48, 20): With 22 wins at home and 22 wins on the road, the Pirates are consistent this season so far. However, with just one winning month, which consists of May’s 15-14 record, the team is far from postseason contention.
  21. New York Mets (42-51, 24): The June swoon, with that 10-18 record in the month, buried the Mets’ hopes for a good season. The 19-32 record on the road is not helping much, either, in truth.
  22. San Diego Padres (45-48, 16): Outscored by 25 runs in July already, the Padres’ 3-7 record this month has hurt the team’s chances of reaching October baseball for the first time in a long time. Is there time for San Diego to recover? Sure.
  23. San Francisco Giants (43-49, 23): Somehow posting a 14-13 record in June kept only the most loyal of the remaining Giants fans on board. But the trade winds are swirling around the ballpark in the City by the Bay these days.
  24. Seattle Mariners (39-58, 25): Remember when the Mariners started the season with a 13-3 record? Seems like a long time ago. Seattle has fallen hard since then, posting a frightening 26-55 mark over its last 81 games.
  25. Toronto Blue Jays (35-59, 26): A 7-21 record in May put this team at the bottom of the AL standings, for the most part. A youth movement is on the way, however, and maybe by next year, the Blue Jays can be competitive again.
  26. Miami Marlins (34-57, 27): The Marlins have been improving every month, going from six wins in April to 11 victories in May to 13 triumphs in June. That’s progress, for what it is worth.
  27. Chicago White Sox (42-47, 21): The Pale Hose may have peaked with a 16-15 record in May, and that’s not such a bad thing. With a minus-87 run differential, this team has no business being anywhere near .500 right now.
  28. Kansas City Royals (32-62, 28): The Royals won 10 games in both May and June, respectively, and it may be the best they can do in 2019. They have just 18 home wins and only 14 victories on the road. Ouch.
  29. Baltimore Orioles (28-65, 30): It’s all context. The Orioles won eight games in both April and May, respectively, and that’s as good as it gets for Baltimore this season. See Kansas City? It could be worse.
  30. Detroit Tigers (29-59, 29): The Tigers started the season 12-12, but it’s been all downhill since then. A 17-47 record since late April has doomed Detroit to the basement of MLB. No wonder Justin Verlander was willing to leave so readily.

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