We took a week off for Memorial Day, but we are back this week with an examination of the anomalies in each team’s record, currently. It’s always a fun task to comb through the data to find these quirks that just don’t quite make sense to us.


Note: Current records through Sunday, June 2, are included, as well as the previous ranking from our last column.

  1. Houston Astros (40-20, 1): The 2017 champs are 15-5 against left-handed pitchers this year and 21-6 against teams under .500 this season. So basically, if your team is struggling, do not start a southpaw against the Astros. It is almost certainly doom.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (41-19, 2): If the Dodgers are going to win a third-straight National League pennant, it will because opponents keep starting righties against them. L.A. is 30-11 against RHPs in 2019.
  3. Minnesota Twins (40-18, 4): The Twinkies have the best record in baseball, but there are two major flaws. Minnesota is just 6-6 against LHPs and just 10-9 against teams over .500, currently. Think about that for a moment.
  4. Tampa Bay Rays (35-22, 5): The Rays are just 13-14 against teams over .500 this season, while posting a slightly above average 17-14 mark at home. They’re also just 2-4 in extra innings and 4-8 in one-run games. There’s a formula for beating them.
  5. New York Yankees (38-20, 6): The Bronx Bombers are 7-7 against southpaws and 12-10 against teams over .500, currently. It seems like a lot of these “elite” teams in 2019 have been feasting on weak schedules so far, does it not?
  6. Chicago Cubs (31-26, 3): Speaking of such a trend, the Cubbies are just 16-18 against teams over .500 this year. They also are 13-16 on the road. That does not bode well for playoff matchups at all.
  7. Milwaukee Brewers (34-26, 7): The Brew Crew is also under .500 against winning teams, as their 19-20 mark in such games demonstrates. Combined with an 8-8 record against LHPs and a 16-15 mark in road games, Milwaukee is vulnerable.
  8. St. Louis Cardinals (30-28, 8): Under .500 on the road at 11-16 and under .500 against teams over .500 at 18-20, it seems the Cards have a lot of room for improvement this year still.
  9. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-30, 9): The D’backs are one game over .500 on the road and against lefties both, and they are one game under .500 at home and against righties. Arizona could be the very definition of “average” in 2019.
  10. Boston Red Sox (30-29, 10): The Red Sox have cooled off, and they are just 7-10 against southpaws and just 8-13 against winning teams in 2019. It looks like Boston has a lot of games left against the good teams on its schedule.
  11. Cincinnati Reds (27-32, 12): This team does not have a winning record in any of the categories specified here today. The best that can be said of these Reds is that they are playing .500 ball at home. What does it say that we have them ranked at No. 11?
  12. Philadelphia Phillies (33-26, 13): Strangely, the Phillies are just 15-11 against losing teams this season. That is a lot of wasted potential victories already. Philly also is 6-10 against LHPs, so that is another weakness for the club.
  13. Atlanta Braves (32-27, 11): Contrary to the Reds, this Atlanta team does not have a losing record in any of the categories specified today. The Braves are right at .500 in one-run games, games against RHPs, and games against winning teams. Go figure.
  14. Oakland Athletics (29-30, 16): The A’s are 17-25 against RHPs, and they’re also a combined 10-15 in extra-inning and one-run games. These are fatal flaws right now for a team that made the postseason in 2018.
  15. Texas Rangers (30-27, 14): With a 10-18 mark away from home, the Rangers are scuffling on the road. They’re also 9-9 against teams with winning records, currently. The schedule is bound to get tougher for Texas soon.
  16. Colorado Rockies (31-27, 17): A mere 10-11 mark against southpaws is keeping the hard-hitting Rox down in 2019. That 13-15 mark away from Coors Field is not helping, either, as Colorado aims for a third-straight playoff berth.
  17. Los Angeles Angels (29-30, 18): It’s impressive the Halos are even close to .500, considering the team’s 5-11 record in one-run games, its 8-14 mark against LHPs, and the 11-16 record against winning teams.
  18. Washington Nationals (26-33, 20): The Nats do not have a winning record in any sector of division discussed here today. The 12-18 mark against teams over .500 in 2019 is the worst of their many sins.
  19. New York Mets (28-31, 23): A 13-22 road mark and the 11-20 record against winning teams have buried the Mets a bit in 2019. The 15-9 home record and a 17-11 mark against losing teams have kept N.Y. somewhat afloat, still.
  20. Cleveland Indians (29-30, 15): The three-time defending American League Central champs have blown huge opportunity in 2019 by going just 20-22 against teams with losing records so far. That’s not good considering the schedule gets harder.
  21. San Diego Padres (30-29, 22): The 14-6 record in one-run games is why the Padres are above .500 right now. The biggest question is whether they can sustain this kind of pace for the rest of the season in this ever-fickle category.
  22. Pittsburgh Pirates (28-30, 19): With an 11-17 home record and a 13-24 mark against winning teams, the Pirates are not mixing up a recipe for long-term success in 2019. Those are not good trends.
  23. Seattle Mariners (25-37, 21): The Mariners are 4-0 in extra innings and 17-13 against losing teams right now. Everything else is pretty ugly, so we are not surprised the fire sale in Pacific Northwest already has started.
  24. Kansas City Royals (19-40, 25): The team’s 11-17 record at home is perhaps the best mark of the bunch for the 2015 champs. The Royals are just 9-19, for example, against losing teams. That is scary to think about.
  25. Chicago White Sox (29-30, 27): At least the White Sox are 24-18 against teams under .500, currently, but that means there are a lot of games ahead against winning teams, and Chicago is just 5-12 in that area.
  26. San Francisco Giants (24-34, 24): With a 16-6 combined mark in extra-inning and one-run games, the Giants are much worse than their record suggests. The fourth-worst run differential in MLB will do that to a team.
  27. Toronto Blue Jays (21-38, 26): The Blue Jays are 9-8 against southpaws this season, which stands out as being the only category where the team has a winning record. For contrast, Toronto is just 12-30 against righties.
  28. Miami Marlins (21-36, 30): One category we have not covered yet specifically is interleague play, and the Marlins are 5-4 there. They are 13-15, however, against other losing teams, which is not that bad, all things considered.
  29. Detroit Tigers (22-34, 28): That 9-10 combined record in extra-inning and one-run games is the best the Tigers have to offer up in 2019. The 9-17 mark at home is the second-worst record in MLB. Guess which team is worse?
  30. Baltimore Orioles (18-41, 29): The 8-25 record against winning teams is misleading, since the Orioles play in the AL East Division. Still, it’s a vicious cycle the Baltimore franchise is going to be stuck in for some time.

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