By the end of the upcoming week, most teams will have played around 50 games. That is a solid sample size for the season, so there will be less change in these rankings going forward as the metrics gain traction in large chunks.

However, that does not mean there will not be change every week, of course.

Note: Current records through Sunday, May 19, are included, as well as the previous ranking from last week.

  1. Houston Astros (31-16, 1): Their 10-game win streak snapped on Sunday, the Astros are rolling along still with an 8.5-game lead in the American League West Division. They gave up just 21 runs combined in that stretch of victories, by the way. Hard to lose with that kind of pitching.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (31-17, 2): Winners of 16 in their last 23, the Dodgers are 5.5 games up already in the National League West Division. They are 19-6 at home, currently, which bodes well for L.A.’s playoff chances. The last NL franchise to win three straight pennants was the Cardinals from 1942-1944.
  3. Chicago Cubs (27-17, 4): With a 15-5 record in their last 20 games, the Cubs are vying to make another World Series run. Seems like a long time ago already now that Chicago broke its curse, doesn’t it? Time flies for certain fan bases after they win for the first time in awhile.
  4. Minnesota Twins (30-16, 5): Meanwhile, up north, the Twins are 21-9 in their last 30 games. You can see the pattern for these top teams. Big win streaks are important early in the season to get out ahead of the pack. Remember, Minnesota is a combined 12-2 against Baltimore, Detroit, and Kansas City, though.
  5. Tampa Bay Rays (27-17, 3): Playing just .500 ball over the last three weeks has cost the Rays their lead in the AL East Division. Tampa Bay plays the Dodgers and Cleveland this week, too, so the road may get a little rougher. Still, being 10 games over .500 at this point in the season is a good sign.
  6. New York Yankees (28-17, 6): On April 18, the Yankees were 8-10 and struggling. They’ve had a ton of injuries, too. Somehow, though, this team is now in first place, a half game ahead of the Rays, after taking four of six from Tampa Bay in the last 10 days. That’s good managing.
  7. Milwaukee Brewers (28-21, 8): Winners of 11 in the last 16, the Brewers are staying right on the Cubs’ tail in the NL Central Division. Milwaukee also just survived a 10-game road trip with a 5-5 record, so that has to be considered a victory of sorts.
  8. St. Louis Cardinals (24-23, 7): Here is where the tide changes for the second-tier order in MLB. The Cards have lost 13 of 17 to fall a little behind now in the NL Central race. A 5-8 record in one-run games needs to improve if St. Louis going to catch Chicago and Milwaukee.
  9. Arizona Diamondbacks (25-22, 10): How does one team play in 19 one-run games already by May 19? No idea, but that’s how the D’backs have been living, sporting a 9-10 record in those one-run games. They are 11-4 in contests decided by at least five runs, though.
  10. Boston Red Sox (24-22, 9): After a hot stretch to get back above .500 this spring, the Red Sox cooled off with three losses in five games last week. They now hit the road for seven games, including three in Houston this weekend—a rematch of the three in Boston last weekend.
  11. Atlanta Braves (25-22, 12): Winning seven of their last nine has pushed the Braves over .500 for the year as they now try to chase down the Phillies in the NL East. Atlanta spends this next week on the road in San Francisco and then St. Louis, however.
  12. Cincinnati Reds (21-26, 11): Why is a team with a losing record ranked so high here? The Reds are plus-24 in run differential, despite a 7-13 record in one-run games. Sooner or later, they have to win more close ones, right? The team is too talented overall not to make amends eventually.
  13. Philadelphia Phillies (27-19, 13): The Phillies are just 9-9 on the road in 2019, and next up is a seven-game road trip against the Cubs (four games) and the Brewers (three). The 2.5-game lead in the NL East may disappear in the next handful of games if the Phillies aren’t on top of their game.
  14. Texas Rangers (21-23, 14): After ending a five-game losing streak on Wednesday, the Rangers closed the week with four victories in five games. They still trail the Astros by 8.5 games, though, as the other four teams in the AL West are all clustered around each other, separated by less than two games total.
  15. Cleveland Indians (25-20, 21): With seven games at home this week, against Oakland and Tampa Bay, it could be time for a run by Cleveland. The 14-8 home record so far suggests it is possible. The 11-12 road record is what is keeping this club “down” right now.
  16. Oakland Athletics (22-25, 16): Remove that 1-8 road trip from the A’s season, and Oakland would be close to chasing the Astros in the division race. Alas, it doesn’t work that way, does it? The A’s have a tough schedule stretch ahead, too, so they will need to stay focused if they want to return to the postseason.
  17. Colorado Rockies (20-25, 15): Ending the week on a four-game losing streak is never a good thing, and Colorado still has three road games left on this trip. However, after that, the Rox get 10 straight at Coors Field. However, they are just 9-11 at home this year. Go figure!
  18. Los Angeles Angels (22-24, 18): With a 3-9 record in one-run games, the Angels could be doing a lot better this season. Alas, they’re just 9-14 in road games as well. Bad records in those two categories often lead to losing seasons. Los Angeles has just one playoff appearance this decade.
  19. Pittsburgh Pirates (24-20, 22): Finishing an 11-game road trip with seven wins has propelled the Pirates up in the MLB world. Now they have six games at home to try to stay there, but Pittsburgh is just 9-9 at PNC Park in 2019.
  20. Washington Nationals (19-27, 23): The Nats have a losing record at home and a losing record on the road. They have a losing record in every month of the season so far, and they have losing records in both one-run games and blowout games. This club seems to be regressing.
  21. Seattle Mariners (23-26, 19): Last year, the Mariners went 58-39 in the first half of the season. Since then, Seattle is just 54-60 overall. Just think of where this team would be in the standings without its 13-1 combined mark against Kansas City, Los Angeles (AL), and Oakland.
  22. San Diego Padres (23-24, 20): Losing seven of the last nine has arrested momentum for the Padres, and the team still needs more offense, But San Diego is very close to turning around many years of frustration on the field. The Padres have not been to the postseason since winning the NL West in 2006.
  23. New York Mets (20-25, 17): One bright spot for the Mets this year is the 9-8 record at home. Otherwise, there is not a lot to be cheery about in Queens this season so far. New York has even lost three times in eight games to the Marlins, and that’s not a good thing.
  24. San Francisco Giants (20-25, 25): Unlike the Nats, the Giants do have a winning record in May. They also have a stunning 12-4 mark in one-run games this year. Imagine where San Francisco would be without that situational success.
  25. Kansas City Royals (16-31, 24): In Ned Yost’s first full season (2011) as manager for the Royals, the team won 71 games. The team peaked in 2015 with 95 wins, a second-straight AL pennant, and a World Series title. Now, the team is struggling, and Yost is still there. We like that a lot. Good for Kansas City.
  26. Toronto Blue Jays (19-27, 26): With a 5-12 record in May, the Blue Jays are going nowhere fast. The pitching has not been that bad, but this team is having trouble scoring. The pace has picked up lately, but there is still a long ways to go before Toronto is competitive again with the bat.
  27. Chicago White Sox (21-24, 27): At home, the ChiSox have been outscored 151-97 this season, despite a 11-13 mark. The 10-11 road mark is solid, albeit with a plus-17 scoring differential. This team has some identity issues to address before we can consider moving them up any higher.
  28. Detroit Tigers (18-26, 28): After a winless week, the Tigers may have been relieved to have Sunday’s postponed due to weather after six-plus innings of play against Oakland. Trailing 5-3 at the time of postponement, Detroit was almost 0-7 last week.
  29. Baltimore Orioles (15-31, 29): With a 3-14 mark in games decided by five or more runs, it is not surprise to see that the Orioles have a minus-95 scoring differential in 2019 already. They do have a 5-4 record in one-run games, though, so that’s something to start building upon for the future.
  30. Miami Marlins (13-31, 30): Trailing the first-place Phillies by 13.5 games already, the Marlins are coming off a three-game sweep of the Mets. In fact, that gave Miami a winning record for the week. Rome was not built in a day, after all.

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