The Houston Astros cheat: It’s confirmed, and it’s verified. And when any entity does not pay a significant price for cheating, there is no reason to expect it to stop, psychologically speaking. Without punishing consequences, human beings do not change their behavior, and this sociologically factual for organizations comprised of human beings.

We give you the 2021 Houston Astros, managed by a coach who has enabled cheating his whole managerial career, spanning decades. They have returned to the World Series for the third time in five years, and anyone who wants to “believe” the team is not still cheating is deluding themselves and lying to themselves, as well. It’s just basic logic, people.

Also, remember this: When the St. Louis Cardinals had an employee who hacked into the Astros digital intel, that employee’s actions incurred a larger penalty than the Astros or the Boston Red Sox did for cheating to win the World Series—let alone the San Francisco Giants for the whole Barry Bonds era and what has come afterward in The House That Steroids Built.

What matters to MLB these days? Only money. It protects big-market teams and their revenue streams no matter what, while not really caring about any other teams’ fortunes. As this nation learned with the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, follow the money, and you always find out the facts and the truth.

The facts are clear: The Houston Astros cheat. Their manager is fine with cheating. They barely got slapped on the wrist for winning the 2017 World Series via cheating. The truth is there are no reasons to think they’re not cheating still, based on confirmed and established theory for human psychology and organizational sociology.

Welcome to MLB: It’s not our monkey and not our circus, even if too many fans in cities with cheating teams continue to support the game itself—because it benefits them. This is not our America … or maybe it is the way it is now in this nation. Either way, the sport itself deserves better, that’s for sure, and so do the real fans of the game.