Welcome to the Era of Donald Trump, where it is okay to lie, cheat and steal while openly flaunting it. Why else would the San Francisco Giants continue to associate themselves with Barry Bonds? There is no other explanation.

We’ve puzzled ourselves over this in so many ways, but Bonds’ continued association with MLB and the Giants defies all sense of moral integrity. It was bad enough last year when Bonds was the hitting instructor for the Miami Marlins, and one of the players Bonds “instructed” suddenly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Hardly a coincidence, really.

But like Trump, it just never ceases to amaze how Bonds continues to have any relevance in the world despite a lengthy laundry list of transgressions that would have buried any player in the saner 20th-century world of integrity. Just when you think it can’t get any lower, it does.

The Giants bringing The Barroid back is just like rubbing every decent fan’s nose in sh*t:
“He cheated, we profited—deal with it.” No idea what a “special adviser to the CEO” does, but you can be sure the San Francisco organization is desperate for something at this point. Why else would they re-associate with the biggest cheater in MLB history?

The fact that S.F. sports fans themselves still embrace Bonds is the worst part. For a liberal city that despises Trump, the fans certainly look the other way when it comes to Bonds. Yet it’s not just a San Francisco problem, since MLB itself never has bothered to ban Bonds from the sport as it should have a long time ago.

Bonds always will be a black mark on the sport of baseball, and the longer he continues to be formally associated with the sport just reminds people that America’s pastime is no longer a trailblazer in doing the right thing. It’s just as greedy and vile as the rest of the nation.