Now that we have reached the end of our Heisman analysis on MNC Wednesdays, we’re going to take a little break for a few weeks as we determine what direction to go in next here. For the NBA, the NHL, and the NFL coverage of the sports past, we’re looking at the best teams in individual franchise history. We may do that with college football, too, although we’re trying to figure out the best way to do so. Likewise, after that, we would look at the best players from each school.

Considering, though, that there are 10 conferences in the Football Bowl Subdivision these days, plus the various independent schools, that leaves us with … drumroll, please … over 130 schools to look at and present their five best teams in campus history. Doing the math, that’s a two-year commitment! We’ve already been at this for over three years now, since we started up in March 2020 with this specific column space on the sport. Time certainly flies by, doesn’t it?

We have some more-serious writing projects to work on in the next 12 months, so our future writing on Wednesdays may be sporadic—and that’s even after we figure out how to organize and sort our examinations of the best teams ever for 131 FBS schools. So, be patient with us, and know … we will be back, soon.

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding—always.