We will start today off with an honest admission that we could care less about futbol/soccer. Yeah, we love Ted Lasso, but that’s not really about the sport itself. Only 8 nations have ever won the World Cup, and if that seems like a small number, you’re right. It is a small number. Even with a championship tournament only once every four years, there has not been a lot of … diversity … in the list of champions since 1930 when it all began.

To refresh, here are the nations that have won it all: Brazil (5 times), Germany (4), Italy (4), Argentina (2), France (2), Uruguay (2), England (1), and Spain (1). Uruguay hasn’t won it since 1950, so we can’t really find significance there, and England hasn’t emerged victorious since 1966. In the end, what we see is some breakthroughs here and there against the dominant nations of Brazil, Germany, and Italy—which have combined for 13 of the 21 World Cup titles.


Never mind the optics of the sport, when so many outcomes are determined by penalty kicks—something the NHL refuses to adopt for playoff action, for example. Never mind the 1-0 games that have all the excitement of watching paint dry. Never mind the fact that watching the sport simply makes many people want to go outside and do something … anything … but watch television. Isn’t it time for a new nation to break through here?

We say yes. So as the semifinals line up here with France (the defending champions) playing Morocco (the first African nation to get this far in a World Cup event) and Croatia taking on Argentina, everyone outside Argentina and France should be rooting for Croatia—which lost to Les Bleus in the 2018 final—and Morocco to win and meet in the championship game. These are two nations that did not even exist when the World Cup began in 1930.

Additionally, a first-time winner would be awesome, especially one that isn’t a major nation on the sociopolitical front. We need more diversity in a corrupt sport like this, and what could be more diverse than a final between two nations who have never won it before? We rest our case.