It’s Year III of the King on our current NBA Tuesday miniseries, and the fun never ends here. The NBA Finals featured two all-time greats, and it went a full seven games. The regular season was fascinating, too, in its own way. For example, we have just 3 real possibilities for the Defensive Player of the Year Award, which has to be an all-time low, really. Was the offense just that good during the NBA’s season? We are not sure, but either way, here’s our breakdown this week … Enjoy!

2013 NBA FINALS MVP: LeBron James, SF, Miami (original, confirmed)

The Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a thrilling 7-game Finals that everyone remembers for this shot … but that wasn’t even in Game 7! Heat small forward LeBron James (25.3 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 7.0 apg, 2.3 spg, 43.0 mpg) was named the MVP, even though it was shooting guard Ray Allen who saved Miami’s bacon. Of course, it’s always about more than just one shot, and that’s why James was so dominant in this series, leading his team in all five of those statistical categories.

However, in a 7-game Finals, what about the other team? The Spurs actually outscored the Heat by 0.7 ppg, so can we consider any of the San Antonio players? Not really, as it was such a team effort on that roster. Multiple players posted double-double averages, while a different player led the team in assists and another different player led the team in blocks. No individual Spur logged as many minutes as James did, either, so we confirm the King’s MVP hardware.

2013 NBA DPOY: Marc Gasol, C, Memphis (original, confirmed)

We have just three qualified candidates for this award, including the vote winner: Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol (5.41 DWS), brother of Pau. The other two players under consideration are Indiana Pacers SF Paul George (6.28) and Oklahoma City Thunder SF Kevin Durant (5.30). All three teams made the postseason, so here are their respective margins for error: OKC (17), Indiana (15), and Memphis (13). Thus, we can confirm Gasol as the winner of this trophy.

His stats: 5.5 defensive boards per game, 1.7 bpg, and 1.0 spg which turned into 4.0 apg. The Grizzlies gave up a league-low 89.3 ppg, and Gasol was in the middle of it for 80 games, averaging 35.0 mpg, too. Memphis probably still makes the postseason without him, but the Grizzlies were able to notch 56 victories because of Gasol. This is just the second time since 1995 that we have confirmed the DPOY vote winner, by the way.