This MNC Wednesday miniseries evaluates only Heisman Trophy history: In 36 seasons overall now, we have confirmed just 13 winners—demonstrating that a lot of the voting process really came down to hype and mediots voting ignorantly. And no, the voted winner for the 1992 season is not related to “Dominic” of Fast and Furious fame. We’re not even sure why we just typed that … so, on with the show!

1992 Heisman Trophy winner: Gino Torretta, QB, Miami-FL (original); Glyn Milburn, RB, Stanford (revised)

The Miami-FL Hurricanes completed a perfect regular season against the No. 29 schedule, and their quarterback—Gino Torretta—won the Heisman vote despite posting a mere 132.8 QB rating (six points worse than his mark in 1991). Even his counting stats were not that impressive: 3,060 yards passing, 19 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. By most measures, he was merely above average. Hmmmm.

Of course, there are always other candidates to consider. As a result, this is our final list of properly vetted Heisman candidates for the 1992 Heisman Trophy, which is runner heavy, strangely:

  • Elvis Grbac, QB, Michigan: 1,640 passing yards for 17 TDs and 12 INTs (No. 25 SOS)
  • Garrison Hearst, RB, Georgia: 1,910 total yards and 21 total TDs (No. 65 SOS)
  • Reggie Brooks, RB, Notre Dame: 1,406 total yards and 14 total TDs (No. 15 SOS)
  • Tyrone Wheatley, RB, Michigan: 1,784 total yards and 17 total TDs (No. 25 SOS)
  • Glyn Milburn, RB, Stanford: 2,137 total yards and 10 total TDs (No. 5 SOS)

The Wolverines posted an 8-0-3 record and clinched a Rose Bowl berth, and Grbac led the nation in passing efficiency (150.2). That puts him ahead of Torretta in our book already. Now, about all these running backs … The Bulldogs tied for the SEC East Division title, while the Fighting Irish posted a 9-1-1 record on the way to a Cotton Bowl invite. Brooks’ SOS puts him above Hearst, in our estimation.

The Wheatley-Grbac issue is one to be discussed: Who made who? We’re guessing Wheatley made Grbac, due to those INTs and the low yardage mark for Grbac. So that eliminates Grbac from consideration here, and it puts Wheatley at the top of the pile with Brooks. As for the Cardinal, they tied for the Pac-10 title but were shunted off to the Blockbuster Bowl for some reason.

Milburn’s season is the best one among the RBs, really, with that SOS and his overall versatility on a conference championship team. Yes, he has a lower TD total, but we know how scoring can be a circumstantial thing. In the end, it’s hard to ignore the yards and the strength of schedule for the Stanford star. He was ninth in the voting at the time, but we know better than that, surprisingly.

Congratulations to Glyn Milburn, the real Heisman Trophy winner from 1992.