As the usually unwatchable MLB All-Star Game approaches, it’s time to look at the worst players selected for the game as starters—the most undeserving ones, thanks to selection process by voting fans, which undermines MLB hypocrisy in abandoning small-market teams to the whims of profiteering from large-market, bandwagon fan bases. Of course, the managers blow it, too, as noted below.

Here is the roster: Let’s pick it apart for the weakest choices, based on WAR, as always.

National League Starters

New York Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil (2.0 WAR): He ranks 77th in the NL overall, while St. Louis Cardinals 2B Tommy Edman (4.4 WAR) ranks a lot higher (3rd overall). Edman wasn’t even picked as a reserve by Atlanta Braves Manager Brian Snitker. This is the worst omission we will see, as Edman is 5th overall in MLB for WAR right now. Unreal, he’s left off the All-Star team in favor of McNeil.

San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson (0.7 WAR): How did this ass clown get voted into the starting lineup? Ask the asshat fans in The House That Steroids Built. He ranks 34th in the NL alone among outfielders for value. Take your pick of a few dozen more deserving players in the league than Pederson for this starting role. This is by far the worst fan selection we’re going to see here.

Braves OF Ronald Acuña, Jr. (1.2 WAR): We realize he was hurt for a good portion of the first half, and the Atlanta fans can be excused for voting him in, as usually he is one of the best players in the league. But voting for a guy who missed almost 40 games is inexcusable, even if you are a hometown bandwagon fans. It just shows the lack of integrity for the process.

Atlanta catcher William Contreras (1.5 WAR): He was voted in as the NL DH, and there are a lot of hitters with better value than this right now (see the above links for proof). The Braves fans ought to be ashamed of themselves, and it’s sad, because ASG appearances become a part of lore in the sport, and that should never be left up to subjective fans, obviously.

American League Starters

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson (1.6 WAR): He ranks 53rd among all AL players in value, behind seven other shortstops in the league. Just terrible ballot-box stuffing by the South Side fans. This is another case, too, of a player who missed a lot of time to injury getting voted into the starting lineup undeservedly.

New York Yankees OF Giancarlo Stanton (1.4 WAR): He’s 62nd overall in the AL for value. We’re not even going to bother counting the better OFs on the list here. But Baltimore Orioles OF Auston Hays (2.8 WAR) comes to mind as a better option here, among the OFs who did not make the team at all. He ranks 20th overall in the AL for value, by the way. No one ever accused Yankee fans of being smart.

Bonus: Manager Selection

Los Angeles starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw (2.3 WAR): He ranks 17th among NL pitchers in value right now, but with the game being played in his home stadium … yeah, give the fans what they want? Never mind who has earned this start. Miami Marlins SP Sandy Alcantara (5.3 WAR) leads the NL by 1 full win in value right now, and he was the second NL pitcher in the game, but he deserved the start, by a mile.