For NFL Thursday this week, it’s time to introduce everyone to the Team of the 1990s: the Dallas Cowboys! They won the first of three NFL titles in a four-season span in 1992, and their stars you may remember for their successes and outright face plants, too. Regardless, only one team (cheaters, too) has matched their dynastic achievement of “3 in 4” in the Super Bowl era, still to this day. Impressive!

(For this specific article, check out our first NFL miniseries entry on this season for context.)

Super Bowl XXVII MVP: Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas (original, confirmed)

The Cowboys pounded the Buffalo Bills, 52-17, and it should have been a lot worse, considering the Bills turned the ball over a record 9 times in the championship game. The voters gave the MVP to Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman (301 total yards, 4 touchdowns), but as much as we love Aikman, in general, perhaps the award should have gone to a defensive player. Thoughts?

Buffalo lost five fumbles (coughing the ball 8 times overall), threw four interceptions, and allowed 4 sacks. We don’t have any numbers, strangely, on the forced fumbles, but it was team effort on defense in every other way. Defensive tackle Jimmie Jones had two fumble recoveries (including one for a TD), and strong safety Thomas Everett had 2 INTs. Generally, though, no one really stood out, individually.

Offensively, both running back Emmitt Smith (135 scrimmage yards, 1 TD) and wide receiver Michael Irvin (114 receiving yards, 2 TDs) had great games, but in the end, we will confirm Aikman’s award for a lack of better options. He was the one directing the show, and he did it without any turnovers, too.

1992 NFL ROTY: Carl Pickens, WR, Cincinnati & Dale Carter, CB, Kansas City (original); Chris Mims, DE, San Diego (revised)

The ROTY vote winners were Cincinnati Bengals WR Carl Pickens (555 total yards, 2 TDs) and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Dale Carter (653 return yards, 7 INTs, 3 TDs); with the Bengals winning just 5 games, Pickens is out, and Carter has a big edge with his all-around game.

Two defensive linemen might challenge him, though: Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Santana Dotson (10 sacks) and San Diego Chargers defensive end Chris Mims (10 sacks). The Bucs also won just 5 games, so this comes down to Carter and Mims. This was the season the Chargers famously started 0-4 but then charged back to win the AFC West with an 11-5 record.

San Diego also gave up 101 fewer points than it did the year before, while Kansas City posted the same 10-6 record in both seasons. We feel Carter may have been the “better” player, but we’re giving our ROTY nod here to Mims for making a huge difference in the Chargers’ improvement from 4-12 the year prior. Sadly, his life would end too soon, thanks to an enlarged heart.