We’ve looked at many MLB seasons here in The House That Steroids Built miniseries, and it all screams the same: Very little has been straight in San Francisco since the 1990s. The facts are the San Francisco Giants were never punished for cheating with Barry Bonds; in fact, they profited from it, due to a morally depraved fan base. So, why would they stop “earning” record profits they’d never seen before?

They wouldn’t. And they didn’t. And they haven’t. There’s plenty of proof in this year’s team as well, but we will tackle that at the All-Star break when it comes time. But basically, from 1998 to the present day, the Giants rosters have been full of strange statistical anomalies that only make sense viewed through the lens of PED use. Nothing else makes sense, if someone logically follows patterns of behavior.

Forget the myths created by the local media to sell the team to local fans for different kinds of profit: The Giants are cheaters, and it began before they moved into the ballpark by the Bay in 2000. Three of the four managers have unquestioned ties to PED usage in other MLB organizations: Dusty Baker with the Chicago Cubs, Bruce Bochy with the San Diego Padres, and Gabe Kapler with the Boston Red Sox.

The organization hasn’t had “great coaching” that other teams do not. What they have is managers who enable cheating. It’s not a coincidence that the team got rid of its only honest manager of the last 30 years (Felipe Alou)—even as his own son was cheating with the team. You’d have to be a delusional fool to truly believe the Giants do anything on the level.

Follow the money; as you have seen repeatedly in this miniseries and the Fenway Frauds miniseries, it’s always about the money. The Giants were sad sacks and on their way to Florida after the 1992 season, until Bonds showed up. Then, the team still could only manage 1 postseason appearance in his first 6 seasons with the team, proving its overall organizational incompetence in a very rich market.

Then Bonds went full BALCO, and a team that only had 5 playoff appearances in 42 seasons since moving to San Francisco suddenly had a new stadium built upon PED profits and a team that now would make the postseason 8 times in 22 seasons. Coincidence? It cannot be, considering all the data available. Just like the Red Sox and the Houston Astros, the Giants couldn’t win until they cheated.

And the money keeps rolling in … so very few people complain. Welcome to America’s pastime by the Bay.