We started this ongoing analysis in commentary to the College Football Playoff committee’s first rankings for the current season, so we’re going to keep going through the end of the season to expose any corruption we see and any lack of transparency that exists, as well. It’s our job as historians and journalists to do so. We own it, proudly.

Without further noise, here we go, with seeding, in order (with record, type of bid, and SOS comparisons):

  1. Georgia (10-0): SEC auto, SOS rating 22.
  2. Michigan State (9-1): Wild-card, SOS rating 32.
  3. Wake Forest (9-1): ACC auto, SOS rating 50.
  4. Oklahoma State (9-1): Big XII auto, SOS rating 59.
  5. Oregon (9-1): Pac-12 auto, SOS rating 69.
  6. Ohio State (9-1): B1G auto, SOS rating 28.
  7. Cincinnati (10-0): Others auto, SOS rating 92.
  8. Notre Dame (9-1): Wild-card, SOS rating 10.

Explaining the order above is simple: Georgia is undefeated, and its SOS is enough to secure the top bid. MSU is second, because of its SOS, so even though Ohio State has a better SOS and the conference autobid, the Buckeyes’ loss to Oregon means they can’t be higher than the Ducks. We don’t automatically give autobids higher seeds here, either, as noted previously. And even the Fighting Irish have the best SOS, they cannot be above the Bearcats, due to the head-to-head loss there.

Who did we not include? Michigan lost to Michigan State, so despite its high SOS rating (10th), we can never put the Wolverines above the Spartans as long as both teams have the same record. Also, MSU still controls its destiny in the B1G title hunt, while Michigan does not. Head to head matters here, and it always has. Alabama doesn’t belong, due to its mediocre SOS (55th, currently). Maybe the Crimson Tide should not have scheduled cupcake New Mexico State last weekend, eh?

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Sooners rank below the Cowboys in the Big XII hierarchy, due to SOS inferiority right now. Finally, Texas-San Antonio is 10-0, but the Roadrunners’ SOS is a joke (124th out of 130 teams). Also, San Diego State (9-1) and Louisiana (9-1) rate below UTSA when we look at record and SOS ratings together.

See how easy this can be when things are transparent? Keep this in mind when the time comes. The current CFP is overvaluing Alabama tremendously, to no one’s surprise, as the top four teams right now should be Georgia, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, and Oregon. Just remember how the CFP gets its bread buttered, though, and you’ll see right through the charade.