In a sign of faux progress, MNC Wednesday has arrived at the final season of the corrupt Bowl Championship Series, which has proven to be not much more than an extension of the SEC’s best interests since the 2006 season. In fact, while the BCS miraculously “got it right” six times in its first seven seasons, the last seven seasons have seen the BCS get it right just twice.

That clear demarcation line was drawn, and it ended up resulting in the demise of the BCS—but oh, the money that was made in the meantime, right? Yep.

The 2013 MNC: Just what we expected, right? Barely …

Here is the Associated Press Top 10, including final record with key bowl results:

1. Florida State (14-0): Won BCS Bowl, 34-31
2. Auburn (12-2): Lost BCS Bowl, 31-34
3. Michigan State (13-1): Won Rose Bowl, 24-20
4. South Carolina (11-2): Won CapitalOne Bowl, 34-24
5. Missouri (12-2): Won Cotton Bowl, 41-31
6. Oklahoma (11-2): Won Sugar Bowl, 45-31
7. Alabama (11-2): Lost Sugar Bowl, 31-45
8. Clemson (11-2): Won Orange Bowl, 40-35
9. Oregon (11-2): Won Alamo Bowl, 30-7
10. UCF (12-1): Won Fiesta Bowl, 52-42

The Seminoles returned to the top of the crop with a perfect season, and it will be hard for any team to match that, in truth. The Spartans won the B1G, so they’re going to be in, too, as the first-ever team in the conference to win all its league matchups by double-digit margins. The Gamecocks did not win the SEC, nor did the Tigers.

The Sooners did not win the Big XII—the Baylor Bears did—and we see more also-ran teams in the Top 10 from that point on. What about the Knights? Their only loss was to South Carolina by 3 points, and so they’re in as the champions of the American Conference—and they beat Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl.

Any other schools to consider? Louisville went 12-1 with a bowl win, but the Cardinals’ one loss was to UCF by 3 points. Meanwhile, one other team had a chance heading into bowl season, but Fresno State lost to USC in the Las Vegas Bowl. So, as promised, it’s a thin crowd of contenders in the final season of the Bowl Championship Series.

That leaves us with just 3 teams to scrutinize more closely this time out. These are the respective SOS ratings for our top teams, after applying the analyses above:

The SOS ratings are underwhelming for our finalists, and it’s clear that the Seminoles will keep their title since the Spartans clearly caught the B1G in a down year. Both FSU and MSU played one FCS opponent, too, keeping their SOS ratings lower than they could have been if the schools had scheduled a team like Vanderbilt instead.

Either way, this was a lot closer than we expected, but in the end, the BCS did its job right in the final year of its existence. This is the Seminoles’ fourth MNC in our space here, with the last one coming in 1999 when the BCS was in its second year.

Congratulations to the 2013 Florida State Seminoles, the mythical national champion!