For this edition of MNC Wednesday, we find ourselves at the midpoint of the 1990s, a very turbulent decade of college football in terms of change, corruption, and evolution—all at the same time. And, of course, after such convoluted debates about the mythical national champion for most years in this era so far, we arrive at a much simpler season.

This is what we mean …

The 1995 MNC: No doubt about this one!

Here is the Associated Press Top 10, including final record with key bowl results:

1. Nebraska: 12-0-0 — W, Fiesta, 62-24
2. Florida: 12-1-0 — L, Fiesta, 24-62
3. Tennessee: 11-1-0 — W, Citrus, 20-14
4. Florida State: 10-2-0 —- W, Orange, 31-26
5. Colorado: 10-2-0 — W, Cotton, 38-6
6. Ohio State: 11-2-0 — L, Citrus, 14-20
7. Kansas State: 10-2-0 — W, Holiday, 45-21
8. Northwestern: 10-2-0 — L, Rose, 32-41
9. Kansas: 10-2-0 — W, Aloha, 51-30
10. Virginia Tech: 10-2-0 — W, Sugar, 28-10

Okay, this looks straight forward: The Cornhuskers are the only undefeated team, while the Volunteers are ineligible since they didn’t win the SEC, losing to the Gators. Meanwhile, the Seminoles didn’t win the ACC, as they lost to Virginia and then finished tied with the Cavaliers for the top spot in the conference. The Buffaloes didn’t win the Big 8, losing to Nebraska.

The Buckeyes did not win the B1G or their bowl game. Kansas State and Kansas did not win their conference (Nebraska did, of course), while Northwestern lost the Rose Bowl. The Hokies did win the Big East, by virtual of their head-to-head over Miami-FL, but that’s a tough uphill climb for Virginia Tech.

We will give a nod to Toledo for its 11-0-1 season, but the SOS is not there. That leaves us with just two teams this year, and we’re being generous to VPI for propriety’s sake. Here are the respective SOS ratings for our finalists, after analyzing all the information above:

  • Nebraska: 12 Division I-A opponents, 3.78 SOS rating, 24th of 108
  • Virginia Tech: 12 Division I-A opponents, 0.46 SOS rating, 60th

This was never really a question, of course, but we had to offer up due process. The Hokies would have had to played a Top 3 schedule to be in the conversation, and that clearly didn’t happen. So, Nebraska keeps its MNC for 1995, and this is the school’s first title since 1971 in our estimation.

And yes, Tommie Frazier is still breaking Florida tackles on his way to the end zone …

Congratulations to the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers, the mythical national champion!

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