There are still some outliers in the statistical formula used to create the rankings, and there is still the potential for a lot of week-to-week flux here, too. Just look at the Red Sox, who jumped 11 spots up this week—while the Blue jays dropped nine spots.

Note: Current records through Sunday, May 5, are included, as well as the previous ranking from last week’s column.

  1. Houston Astros (20-14, 1): Interesting week for the 2017 champs. They won three games by scoring almost 12 runs per game, and then they lost three games by averaging less than two runs per contest. All six matchups were on the road.
  2. Chicago Cubs (19-12, 5): Winners of seven straight, the Cubs completed a home sweep of the Cardinals on Cinco de Mayo by the combined score of 23-10. The reward is four home games against the Marlins, so Chicago may be disappointed to not reach a double-digit win streak this week.
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (22-14, 2): Losing twice by one run and twice by walk off in the same week has to be rough. However, the Dodgers are still 9-5 in one-run games this year, so we think they will be fine in the long run.
  4. Tampa Bay Rays (21-12, 4): On the other hand, the Rays have built their season well, despite a 1-5 record in one-run games and an 0-3 record in extra innings. This team actually could win the American League East this year. Watch out, Boston and New York.
  5. New York Yankees (19-14, 6): They had two days off last week, which is weird and stupid scheduling. But the Yankees are now at home for ten of the next 13 games, although the three road contests are in Tampa Bay.
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks (20-14, 7): The D’backs are 13-7 on the road this year already, and that includes a seven-game road trip to open the season and a ten-game road bender soon thereafter. A lot of home games coming down the pipe for Arizona, which is just 7-7 at home this year.
  7. St. Louis Cardinals (20-14, 3): After winning ten of 11 recently, the Cards have now lost four consecutive times. They have seven home games this week to get back on track, all against teams from Pennsylvania.
  8. Minnesota Twins (20-12, 9): Half of the Twins’ wins this year have come against Baltimore, Detroit, and Kansas City. The schedule has to get harder, right? Nope. Minnesota’s next ten games are against teams currently playing sub-.500 ball right now.
  9. Milwaukee Brewers (20-16, 8): Even without an injured Christian Yelich, the Brewers won five of seven games last week. Of course, it was just against the Mets and the Rockies, so don’t get too excited, Milwaukee fans.
  10. Texas Rangers (16-16, 10): A nine-game road trip awaits the Rangers, and and then six of 12 after that are on the road as well. This is an early, key stretch for Texas that will determine just where this team ends up at the end of the season in the AL West.
  11. Atlanta Braves (18-16, 11): Starting a ten-game road trip with three in Miami is the best way to go. After sweeping the Marlins, the Braves now head west to face the Dodgers and the D’backs.
  12. Cincinnati Reds (14-20, 12): Losers of four more games by one run last week, the Reds are better than their record indicates. However, if the averages don’t swing the other way, maybe Cincy is just what its record indicates. We will see.
  13. Boston Red Sox (17-18, 24): Winners of six in seven last week, the Red Sox may have turned the ship around. Then again, all they did was beat the A’s and the White Sox, so who knows? The next eight are against mediocre teams, too.
  14. Seattle Mariners (19-17, 13): Breaking a six-game losing streak on Cinco de Mayo with a 10-0 victory in Cleveland, the Mariners now head to New York and Boston for a tour of the AL East. That doesn’t sound good for Seattle right now.
  15. Philadelphia Phillies (19-14, 17): First place in the National League East is nice, but the Phillies are underwhelming right now. The 1-4 record in extra innings could be one of the reasons why. The schedule also has been pretty weak so far.
  16. San Diego Padres (19-16, 20): Losing twice in a road to the Dodgers by a single run each time, the Padres got some revenge with a walk off on Sunday. San Diego has been outscored this season so far, which does not bode well for the long term.
  17. Los Angeles Angels (15-19, 18): The 1-6 start and a subsequent six-game losing streak buried the Angels in a hole they’ve yet to crawl out of this season. Now they have a nine-game road trip through the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic regions.
  18. Oakland Athletics (15-21, 19): Losers of eight in the last nine, the A’s have lost three games via walk off in that stretch, too. The Oakland bullpen is too good for that to continue much longer.
  19. Cleveland Indians (18-14, 14): This team has been outscored this season as well, which doesn’t give us a lot of confidence in the Cleveland outlook long term. But there is too much talent here to see this malaise going on indefinitely.
  20. Colorado Rockies (16-19, 23): The Rox have not recovered from that early April, eight-game losing streak. They have a chance to this week with six home games against San Diego and San Francisco.
  21. Pittsburgh Pirates (16-15, 22): Ending an eight-game losing streak on Tuesday, the Pirates went on to win three of their five games last week. That’s something to hang the hat on—at least until that 11-game road trip starts on Thursday. Yikes!
  22. Washington Nationals (14-19, 16): Starting a ten-game road trip against good teams with two losses in three games against the Phillies is not good news for the Nats. Next up are the Brewers and the Dodgers, the two teams that met in last year’s NL Championship Series. It’s getting real, Washington.
  23. New York Mets (16-18, 21): This might be the most boring team in baseball. The Mets are 7-8 at home, 9-10 on the road, and 6-6 in one-run games. Very little they do is exciting right now, even with that pitching staff.
  24. Toronto Blue Jays (15-19, 15): Losers of five in six last week, the Blue Jays are scuffling in the AL East. If it wasn’t for the Orioles and Vlad, Jr., the city of Toronto would be still thinking about another Maple Leafs’ playoff choke. Oh wait!
  25. Kansas City Royals (12-23, 26): With a 3-8 record in one-run games and a 1-4 record in extra innings, it’s easy to see just how close the Royals are to turning the corner back to respectability. However, until they do it, they’re still mediocre.
  26. San Francisco Giants (15-19, 25): Why did Bruce Bochy decide to come back for another season? He is now 22 games under .500 for his managerial career, and that looks pretty bad for a guy that some people think is a Hall of Fame manager. It’s just going to get worse as the season progresses, too.
  27. Detroit Tigers (15-16, 28): The 5-3 record in one-run games is keeping the Tigers hovering near .500 currently, but it is a mirage. Detroit has been outscored by 33 runs already this season, which is pretty ugly for early May.
  28. Chicago White Sox (14-18, 27): Losing three games in a row to Boston by a combined score of 30-5 shows the gap between baseball’s Sox right now. This is a season where Chicago will never spend a day above .500 on the year. Ouch.
  29. Baltimore Orioles (12-22, 29): With a 4-11 record at home, the Orioles are wasting a great chance to please the hometown crowd aching for some baseball. The team had its lowest, full-season attendance mark last year since 1978, too, by the way.
  30. Miami Marlins (9-24, 30): With 91 runs scored total in 2019 so far, the Marlins are embarrassing themselves. Only two regulars in the lineup have an OPS over .658, currently. Three regulars are hitting under .200, as well.

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