Some fantasy baseball owners have to be thinking the season is over already. But it is not the case. It just seems that way, perhaps, for those rosters that have been bitten by the injury bug and/or gotten off to slow starts.

Never give up in this game. Never. The season lasts approximately 26 weeks, which means we have not even made it through 12 percent of the season yet. So much can happen, and if it’s already happened to your team, chances are it’s going to happen to someone else’s team for the next three weeks … and so on.

Plus, we all know the frustration when someone in our league gives up early. It sort of ruins it for everyone else in the league, so don’t be that person in 2019, either. Just keep following our advice to make your roster better. See? Easy!

Players to Get on Your Team Now

1. Caleb Smith, SP, Miami Marlins: In his short career, Smith has posted 135 strikeouts in just 119 innings. At age 27 now, his peripherals are trending in the right direction, and if you buy low, you may reap some serious rewards on the high end of this regular season. If Smith can keep the ball down and limit the home runs against, he is in for a stellar fantasy season with that K rate (11.8 per nine innings right now).

2. Joc Pederson, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers: What if you just lost Aaron Judge to injury? Pederson’s batting average has never been stellar, peaking at .248 last year. But this is his age-27 season, and maybe it will improve. Either way, you know you will get HRs out of him. Just don’t expect a lot else from a guy who might just be a temp in your lineup.

3. Mike Minor, SP, Texas Rangers: If you’re like us and you don’t bother drafting any SPs until near the end of your draft, then maybe you already snagged Minor. If not, and you suddenly find yourself needing a starter, now’s the time to get him. After missing 2015-2016 with injuries, Minor is nearing his old self again. He was never an All-Star pitcher before, but he’s looking strong now although you may hope for a higher K rate.

4. Brandon Lowe, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays: He is proving himself to be the real deal, with a solid spring and a great start to the season. Lowe hit six HRs last year in just 43 games, and he already has six dingers this year in the first 20 games. He hit .377 in spring training, so Lowe is probably here to stay in the majors. Like we always say, ride the hot bat if you need one in that middle-infielder slot.

Players to Drop to Waivers Now

1. Rick Porcello, SP, Boston Red Sox: Twice in his career he has led the American League in hits given up (2012, 2017), and in between, he laughably won a Cy Young Award (2016). With a career 4.29 ERA, you never should have drafted him and his career mark of 9.7 hits allowed per nine innings pitched. His 8.47 ERA this year does not bother us as much as the 28 hits and 13 walks allowed in just 17 innings.

2. Ryon Healy, 1B/3B, Seattle Mariners: When a team like Oakland trades you to a division rival, there’s a reason for it. Consider that Healy’s batting average has dropped every year he’s been in the majors, from .305 his rookie year (2016) to just .218 so far this year. The A’s traded him to the Mariners, because they knew he was terrible.

3. Kyle Schwarber, OF, Chicago Cubs: We get that everyone loves this guy, but the hype exceeds the production. In 2017, he hit 30 HRs despite a .211 batting average, and he’s only hitting .194 right now. You can get better power elsewhere, especially in the OF position, if batting average counts in your league.

4. Arodys Vizcaíno, RP, Atlanta Braves: This poor guy has always been injured. After posting a career-best 16 saves last year, Vizcaíno was primed to get some more closing action this year. Alas, he is hurt again, and now he is out for the year. A real sleeper pick in many drafts, Vizcaíno won’t help anyone until at least 2020.

A four-year archive (2014-2017) of these MLB fantasy columns previously published on CBS Local Sports can be found here. This season’s current archive also can be accessed easily!