The San Francisco Giants are already down one major cog in their 2010s success, with Madison Bumgarner on the disabled list for being stupid. Now it seems like team management is trying to damage the other major cog on the roster by being stupid, too: Buster Posey, who is still owed over $85 million by the Giants.

That didn’t stop S.F. from letting Posey catch 17 innings on Friday night in a meaningless game in what is basically already a meaningless season for the Giants. Forget the fact Posey won the game with a walk-off home run, because it’s irrelevant. Can the S.F. franchise afford to risk its only offensive weapon worth a darn in a game in mid-May when the team is already nine games out of first place with one of the worst records in MLB?

Let’s be honest here: This Giants team is going nowhere in 2017. Not only is it an odd-numbered year, but without Bumgarner, the starting rotation is even more of a joke than it already was. Even with MadBum’s numbers added in, S.F.’s rotation was 26th in the majors in ERA coming into Saturday play (7-17, 4.83).

Toss in a laughable offense (29th in MLB for runs scored), and there’s no chance in hell the Giants are playing meaningful baseball in August and September. So why risk Posey and expose him to injury in a meaningless game?

The S.F. organization got away with it this time, but the team may not be so lucky again in the future. Posey is now 30 years old, and last season was his worst offensive season ever, really. He’s off to a hot start this year (.999 OPS), but Posey’s OPS dropped 100 points in the second half last season—and he’s a year older now.

Then again, careless mismanagement of assets is why the Giants find themselves buried in the NL standings right now in the first place. At least the team has those championships to hang its hat on for the next few decades, though. Otherwise, the top brass would be taking more criticism for this bonehead move.