Sunday was a funny weather day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Evidently, it was too rainy in Oakland to play a Major League Baseball game, even though to the west—you know, where the weather comes from in that ecosystem—an MLB game went on as planned in San Francisco.

How is this even possible?

Admittedly, it was only the third postponement in Oakland in the last 19 seasons due to weather, but the two stadiums are separated by a few miles over a body of water. The wind blows off the Pacific Ocean inland, meaning whatever weather is in San Francisco usually hits Oakland a few minutes later.

Logically, it makes no sense why the Athletics-Astros game was postponed while the Giants-Rockies game played on. There were no toilet backups at the Coliseum this time around, either, to cause such a decision.

Rumor has it that the Golden State Warriors’ playoff game on Sunday at the Coliseum complex was the real reason MLB decided to postpone the A’s game. With large crowds for both events on the same site using the same parking lots, any delay in the baseball game was going to compound the problem.

Thus, MLB took the wimpy way out and moved the Oakland-Houston game to September 9 as part of a doubleheader. This is what results from the problem when you don’t have your stadium/space: You become a second fiddle on your own field, basically.

With the news that the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas eventually, the A’s soon can start working on their stadium plan in Oakland—with its own weather system, evidently, to make sure crap like this (no pun intended this time, obviously) doesn’t happen again any time soon.